Quick Hits: TNA Turning Point 11.21.13 (w/Justin C)

Turning Point 2013

Dixie Carter Opening

-What else would you expect? At this point, Dixie Carter is pulling off a poor-man’s Bo Dallas gimmick.

James Storm interrupts. He was attacked at a bar last night by Bobby Roode. Where was the bouncer?

-Storm wants a Florida Death Match. Dixie refuses. Storm says if she refuses, he will call the police and have Roode arrested for what happened last night. Dixie eventually agrees.

Falls Count Anywhere: Magnus vs Samoa Joe

-Joe tells Magnus to come backstage and get some. And he’s already sweaty.

-Back from break, they show more action probably happened during the commercial than what will happen the rest of the match.

-Magnus walks all the way to the other side of the ring, then walks back to where he was to get a chair. Why not look there first???

-Joe charges at Magnus but Magnus moves and Joe goes right into the chair Magnus set up. Magnus picks up the win. Nothing to write home about. At least the match didn’t end in the ring.

Joseph Park vs Abyss

-Bad Influence is out to watch the match. And make it entertaining.

-Abyss doesn’t come out. Maybe Park should light a casket Abyss is in on fire. He will fight him then.

-Daniels rips into Park, then Kaz “Carrie’s” Park and dumps some pig’s blood on him. Park eventually just leaves.

Gail Kim (w/Lei’d Tapa) vs Candace Larea

-Not sure who this girl is, but she looks really awkward in the ring.

-And Kim quickly wins the match. It’s a good thing that match didn’t go any longer.

Florida Death Match: James Storm vs Bobby Roode

-So a Florida Death Match is a Last Man Standing Match? Okay we’ll go with that.

-Blood on a wrestling show? Is that allowed?

-Roode and Storm exchange head shots with way too obvious tin foil garbage can lids.

-In a flashback to Roode’s Title win, Roode uses a beer bottle on Storm. But Storm gets up at 9 1/2.

-Roode hits a modified AA through two chairs but Storm gets up again.

-Roode pulls out a barbed wire board from under the ring (Why is THAT under there?), but Gunner runs out and throws in the towel on behalf of Storm. Roode still can’t get a clean win.

-Storm and Gunner argued back from break.

Ethan Carter III vs Shark Boy

-Typical EC3 match as he gets the win. Shark Boy ain’t no Norv Fernum.

-Dixie tells Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode they will each lead a team of four in an elimination tag match next week on Impact. On Thanksgiving. After Survivor Series. Can’t make this stuff up folks.

No DQ, Club vs Career: Bully Ray vs Mr. Anderson

-And wrestlers come on stage to watch the match. Why? Because TNA, that’s why.

-It was nice of AJ Styles to let Mr. Anderson borrow his tights.

-Mr. Anderson goes to piledrive Bully on the concrete but Knux stops him. He gets thrown into the steps then eats a piledriver himself.

-Bully bear hugs Mr. Anderson into a table set up in the corner. If it was a Spear, it was a bad one. Mr. Anderson kicks out at two.

-Taz gives Brooke a hammer, but she over tosses it to Bully and it ends up with Mr. Anderson. He uses it on Bully then hits the mic check for the win. Mr. Anderson holds the jackets of all the Aces and Eights members to close the show.

-A step down from No Surrender, but a watchable show.

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