JC’s Top Rope Report: Final Thoughts Heading Into Wrestlemania 30

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We’re now less than one week away from Wrestlemania 30. And to say that we have taken many twists and turns getting here would be a bit of an understatement. From the hijacking of the Royal Rumble, to Batista’s flop of a return, to CM Punk walking out, to the YES Movement that has taken over the WWE. A lot of these things weren’t expected heading into the Super Bowl of sports entertainment.

But we finally have a set card heading into Wrestlemania. And I think almost all wrestling fans would agree that the card looks a lot better now than it did a month ago. Yes, having CM Punk in an actual match would have made the card even better. But it is time for everyone to move on from CM Punk. There’s no need to chant his name anymore. I’ve said that from the beginning. It’d be one thing if Punk was fired. He wasn’t. He left on his own free will. And maybe a match with Triple H to him isn’t big time, but it would’ve still been a main event match. I’m sure there are reasons for Punk walking out that only he knows. But it is time for all wrestling fans to just move on to life without CM Punk, no matter how long it actually ends up being.

Now on to the matches that are actually happening on the card. I guess I’ll start with the main event match I’m looking forward to the least, and that is Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker. The WWE had one chance to make me interested in this match and they failed to do it, at least from a build up perspective. Instead of The Undertaker playing his usual mind games, the WWE should have gone about this completely differently. They should have made Lesnar into the Beast that he is. Someone that is not afraid of The Undertaker and gets the better of him at every opportunity. Every stare down or confrontation, outside of the first, should have lead to Lesnar standing tall. Make some fans believe Lesnar might win. Instead we are getting Undertaker Wrestlemania Build 101. And while the match will still likely be good, I just can’t help but think there would’ve been a better use for both men. Plus, every wrestling fan will cringe every time Lesnar delivers an awkward bump to Taker.

Bray Wyatt vs John Cena is a program that I was nervous about at first but am enjoying more and more as the weeks have gone on. This isn’t your typical John Cena cut a corny joke promo and not take your opponent seriously build. Cena cut some stupid jokes a few weeks ago. But to me, that is a thing of the past now. The Wyatts have gotten the best of Cena at almost every turn and now Cena is playing the focused and determined card. And that is when Cena is at his best. I still don’t know who wins this match. Obviously it would do wonders for Bray, but with him getting the upper hand so often you would think Cena might come out on top. This has been my favorite build leading up to the show. Win or lose, Bray Wyatt has become a main event player in 2014.

The Daniel Bryan/Triple H stuff has been good. The beatdown of Bryan at the hands of HHH two weeks ago is exactly what we wanted from him forever now. HHH is best when he is in full on heel mode. And I don’t mind Bryan being off RAW and Smackdown for the last few weeks. I’d much rather him sell the injury and make him even more of an underdog heading into Mania. Unlike the Undertaker/Brock Lesnar match, the WWE is actually making you believe that HHH might win. That’s also why they added if HHH wins, he gets added to the WWE Title Match. It makes the outcome of the match just a little less obvious.

It seems like once that stipulation was added to the match, the WWE just gave up trying with Batista and Randy Orton. They know the fans don’t care about them and the only way they have tried to salvage it is by adding real life jabs at one another that basically every fan is saying in real life about them. Once the stipulation was added to the Daniel Bryan/HHH match, these two guys became the backstory. It’s the WWE’s fault for thinking they could just throw Bryan to the side and Batista could take his place. They are two completely different wrestlers. But at least the WWE has made the main event of Wrestlemania interesting now.

As far as The Shield goes, I wish they were in a bit of a more prominent role on the show. It seems like the WWE was ready to go through with the break-up, then held off and decided to keep them face for a bit. Now they may still break up at Mania. But I’d prefer to keep them as a face group for now. Especially because it gives then a whole new set of fresh match-ups. But against Kane and the New Age Outlaws at Mania? That just seems like a let down. In my dream world, they would have built up the Wyatt/Shield feud even more then done a Hell In A Cell match at Mania. Hopefully The Shield are in line for better things after Mania.

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal just doesn’t do anything for me. If it had something else on the line maybe it’d be more interesting. But it is just a lazy way to get everyone on the card, and not really build any solid mid-card feuds in the process. If it becomes a yearly thing with more on the line than maybe my sentiment changes, but until then it is just a time filler. Same with the Divas Title match. I would’ve preferred a one-on-one match. And even the tag title match is getting minimal attention, which is a shame considering how great the tag team division was in late 2013.

So where will this Wrestlemania end up in terms of ranking? I think it has a chance to end up rather high. The main event matches could be really good. And if the undercard delivers better than I expect, then it could have a chance to be a Top 10 or even Top 5. The WWE has done a good job saving this Wrestlemania from being a potential disaster, and now they have to make sure they deliver one final time.

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