10 Thoughts: TNA Impact 7.10.14 (w/Justin C)

TNA Impact Wrestling Header 2014

1. I wonder if during that opening segment Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle were secretly thinking to each other: “Man, I wonder what it would take for both of us to go back to the WWE.” Unfortunately, Kurt is broken down and Hardy can’t get into most countries outside the United States.

2. So TNA is calling this week a Championship Showcase? Last week, just like this week, three of the four TNA Titles are on the line. And last week featured the TNA World Title and this week doesn’t. So why is this week a Championship Showcase and last week wasn’t?

3. Remember when people thought Daniel Bryan was getting buried in his Title run/build-up? TNA has managed to do that with Eric Young in the last two weeks.

4. Wish the X-Division Title match would have gone longer. It seemed like it was just ready to get going then all of the sudden the ending game. Just let those guys go 20 minutes and be done with it.

5. Bully always thought Rhino was one of his true friends? Does he not remember that one time Rhino helped Edge and Christian win the Tag Titles in a match involving the Dudleyz?

6. So is every promo going forward in this TNA/ECW promo war going to be a “shoot?” Because if they are things are going to get annoying really fast. I didn’t buy a word of what either guy said. And it was the same old crap people sling out during these shoots. “You aren’t who you really are.” “You tricked everyone.” It just doesn’t do anything.

7. What kind of Championship Showcase is this if no Title match goes longer than 10 minutes? I mean, shouldn’t the matches take up the majority of the show?

8. You know, I really hate the “trade in the X-Division Title for a World Title shot” stipulation. To me, it makes the X-Division Title seem worthless. Austin Aries just cut a promo talking about the World Title, even though he just won the X-Division Title. Cashing in one Title for another may be one of the stupidest ideas ever.

9. What the hell is the point of having Christy Hemme announce every person that has been eliminated? Do they think the live crowd is that stupid?

10. So if Jeff Hardy comes out as Willow next week, does he still get a Title shot? Or will MVP claim only Hardy can get the shot. Which leads to a storyline of Hardy playing himself and Willow and never getting a Title shot because he can’t stay Jeff Hardy long enough. Hey, its TNA, it could happen.

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Justin C

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