Quick Hits: WWE NXT 2.25.15

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Quick Hits: WWE NXT (2-25-15)

Hideo Itami v Bull Dempsey

: Hideo has adjusted nicely to the American or should I say WWE’s way of pro

: Really surprised to see Bull’s lack of offense during the match. Hideo can
take a beating and make Bull look good doing it; a missed opportunity in my

Lucha Dragons v Tye Dillinger & Jason Jordan

: Solomon Crowe backstage promo before the match

: NXT is a place to grow and learn but when the top guys are so far ahead of you
the likes of Dillinger and Jordan, no matter their look, will never get over on
the main roster.

: Dillinger looks to tag Jordan after Jason begged to tag in but he left Tye to
be finished off by the Lucha Dragons by himself.

Baron Corbin v Tye Dillinger

: Before the match Tye Dillinger was still in the ring and refused to leave
leading to Corbin squashing Tye in an impromptu match.

Bailey v Becky Lynch

: Bailey’s weird fan girl gimmick had never clicked with me and I’m glad to see
the WWE thinks Lynch has more potential as she picks up the win.

: Backstage interview with Rhyno who returned to the WWE last week. I wonder how
long they keep him around and if he will make a return to the main roster.

The Brian Kendrick v Finn Balor

: I think it’s a great idea to have Kendrick, Rhyno and potentially other old
WWE Superstars come back and help put over NXT talent.

: A great match between Balor and Brian, as Finn moves on and can set his sights
on NXT Champion Kevin Owens.

: On a side note I hope they don’t go straight to Balor/Owens, there is plenty
to see between Sami Zyan and Kevin Owens; trust me.

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