WWE 24: NXT Brooklyn Review (w/Cam Dougharty)

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At first the WWE Network was less than par to say it nicely. Paying the $9.99 per month was a great price to pay to watch each pay per view, but as time has gone on the WWE Network has blossomed into a wrestling haven. Despite the low monthly subscription price the WWE still had a hard time reaching their one million subscriber goal until they
put their ‘creative’ minds together and ultimately knew fans wanted more than
PPV’s and old Nitros. The WWE’s original programming is quickly becoming a sight
to see to people who aren’t the typical wrestling fan. One of those original
shows is WWE 24; a behind the scenes look at individual shows or Superstars.

: The first few opening minutes showed several NXT and other full time roster
stars talking about the climb the past two years as NXT has grown into its own
sell out arenas brand.

: Sasha Banks mentioned before the ‘Divas Revolution’ that the new Divas were told to ‘cat fight’ and they wanted to fight just like the men.

: Triple H mentioned the Four Horsewomen and how the spotlight works out weird in life as he referred to Bayley. If I were to rank the four NXT divas Bayley would be third for me. Even though her story with Sasha is/was a success I don’t think personally her character will draw much emotion from typical Raw and Smackdown live crowds.

: I really enjoy seeing the production work especially in professional wrestling. Watching Triple H work with the talent is like watching a father teach his child how to live life.

: Finn Balor is the man, I’m sure you already knew that and seeing the transformation
from Finn to the demon is pretty cool.

: Sasha Banks and Bayley at NXT Brooklyn was a great match and set the bar very, very high for their 30 minute iron woman match tonight.

: Kevin Owens and Finn Balor put on a wrestling clinic of emotions at NXT Brooklyn. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for these two on the main roster.

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