WWE 205 Live 2.28.17: Spewin’ Snark Recap w/ Cameron Dougharty



205 Live’s booking continues to be a bright spot for the WWE. Remember when Raw was only an hour? The old grumps like myself remember. 205 Live is a nice reminder of how simple a wrestling show can be. The 205 Live roster is stacked but isn’t necessarily deep but you couldn’t tell based on the great booking for the top guys of the cruiserweights.


Noam Dar v. Lince Dorado

Noam Dar is getting the ‘Dolph Ziggler’ treatment since coming into the WWE. His in ring talent goes without question, so how does the WWE show it? Giving him a female valet that should have been released years ago. Alicia Foxx isn’t Lana, hell she isn’t Vickie Guerreroon her worst day.

Dar wins a match that he needed to if his heel pairing with Foxx is going to ‘work’. I’d hate to see another feud for Dar with the goal being paired with Alicia Foxx as the prize but I guess, sometimes, being booked is better than nothing at all, right Cody Rhodes? Oh, wait.

Brian Kendrick and Tozawa’s feud is slowly becoming the best thing in the WWE right now. Kendrick is a perfect heel for 205 Live that isn’t named Neville or Austin Aries. When the WWE brought in Tozawa I was completely happy but surprised at the same time. I was afraid he wouldn’t connect with the WWE Universe right away and would be yesterday’s news before he even got started. A pro longed feud with Kendrick is becoming the complete opposite for Tozawa.

Tony Nese, Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari v. TJ Perkins, Mustafa Ali & Cedric Alexander

All six of these wrestlers could easily be, not only the Cruiserweight Champion, but a champion in any promotion around the world. But for the love of god can Tony Nese just kill the likes of The Ascension and let the man become a megastar.

Alexander and Perkins were my personal betting favorites to be the top baby faces in 205 Live but credit goes where it is due to Jack Gallagher, guy is a star. Nese hits the running knee on Perkins to pick up the win. Perkins against Nese one on one every day, please.

Some may say Neville should still be a feature on the main roster, I say being the kind of the cruiserweights far out weighs wrestling dark matches before Smackdown; sorry Mojo Rawley. Gallagher and Neville are going to put on a great show this Sunday at Fastlane but how are they going to get to Neville against Austin Aries? Gallagher against Aries on Raw, forever? Yes please.