JC’s Top Rope Report: R.I.P. Bray Wyatt

Sometimes you just see the death of a wrestling character right in front of your eyes. For Bray Wyatt that slow death was happening for a very long time. It started at Wrestlemania and it just kept getting worse and worse.

This past Monday on RAW, the Bray Wyatt character was finally taken off life support.

From what I can tell, the majority of wrestling fans held the same view point that I did while watching Bray Wyatt’s Sister Abigail promo on RAW. It was one of those wrestling moments where you hope a non-fan doesn’t walk into the room and see it. Because if they did they would give you so much shit for it, and they would feel justified in ripping on you for being a fan of pro wrestling. It should win every single “Worst Of” award for people who does those types of things. I get they were trying to do the Norman bates/Psycho thing, but it just didn’t work. It essentially looked like a bad Snapchat filter with a distorted voice.

Remember about a year ago when the whole Sister Abigail thing started and we thought it was going to be an actual character? Everyone thought it was going to be Paige. Then people thought it would be a new woman. And then the WWE decided to just brush it to the side and make nothing of it. And now it has turned into this.

I was one of the last people holding out hope for the Bray Wyatt character. Yes, he pretty much lost every big feud he was in throughout his career. He lost to John Cena. He lost to The Undertaker. He lost to Roman Reigns. There was a reason to have lost hope a long time ago. I thought for sure the character was going to turn around when Bray won the WWE Title at Elimination Chamber this year. He was going to be in the WWE Title match at Wrestlemania. While his match may have been the third or fourth biggest on the show, that was still a big deal. Then they decided to do a projector show of bugs and shit during the match. DURING THE FUCKING WWE TITLE MATCH AT WRESTLEMANIA. That is where I drew the line. Another thing that was an embarrassment as a wrestling fan. Nothing will change my mind on that being the worst WWE Title match in Wrestlemania history (though if Jinder Mahal is in the match next year I reserve the right to change my stance).

The Bray Wyatt character should have been easy to book. He was the next Raven. Bray was a cult leader who had a group of followers that flocked to him. They believed every delusional word that he said, just like every other cult leader in the history of cult leaders. Bray had a way with words. It was so simple to get over and it seemed like they were going that way to start.

But then it started to devolve. There were signs of it early on. During his feud with John Cena, he had a choir of children singing. In his cage match against Cena he had a child with a distorted voice stand in front of the cage door as Cena was trying to escape. Then in the Undertaker feud they tried to make him seem like the new Taker by having him do stuff Taker did in the 90s. The difference is that it worked in the 90s when the product was more geared to that. It isn’t now.

Obviously we can’t point at one person and give full blame to that person. Vince McMahon I’m sure has a lot to do with this. Bray supposedly has some input on his character so I’m sure he gets some of the blame too. It is a shame that the WWE decided to take what was once a promising gimmick and turn it into what it has become. There was a lot of hype for the Wyatt Family coming out of NXT but outside of their feud with the Shield they never really clicked.

There was even a point where they could have saved the Bray Wyatt character back in April 2016. Bray teamed with Roman Reigns in a match against the League of Nations. There was a lot of buzz going into the match throughout the night and the crowd was really into the match. I remember watching the match and thinking it could be a new, unique turn for Bray that even at that time was desperately needed. Bray got hurt on the European tour later that week and nothing was made of it. I remember being somewhat excited for the new possible direction of Bray after this. Even with Bray injured he still could have been kept around to help build his character.

The WWE’s failure to capitalize on that moment kind of sent Bray into a point of no return with his character. The Wyatt Family started feuding with New Day and pretty much tried to copy the Final Deletion that the Hardyz had in TNA. Then Bray started his program with Randy Orton where they teamed up for the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, leading to everything I bitched about in regards to Wrestlemania and the House of Horrors match after. And now here he is losing every match to Finn Balor.

There is literally nothing left for Bray Wyatt to do after this program with Balor. And I feel absolutely horrible for Finn having to sell that program with Bray. But when Bray comes out on the losing end of another long term feud, what is next? I’m sure it will be the same stuff that happens with every other Bray Wyatt program. He will interrupt someone and go on a long ramble about what is wrong with them that makes very little sense. Then he will fight them and lose, then win the rematch, and then lose the final program of the feud. It is the script of every Wyatt feud. Literally nothing is different when it comes to his feuds.

Bray does nothing good for any of his opponents either. They all get sucked into these feuds based on BOOGITY BOO shit. The best thing for Bray Wyatt at this point would be a few months off TV. Get him away from the TV spotlight and get him back to what he should have been from the beginning. But at this point, will making him a cult leader like he should have been even work?

I find it hard to believe there is any saving of the Bray Wyatt character at this point. Do you agree?

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Justin C

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