WWE Smackdown Live Review for 11.14.17 w/ The Chairman

On the go home Smackdown Live before Survivor Series, Baron Corbin’s United States Championship and Natalya’s Smackdown Women’s Championship are on the line. Do they retain or will Raw’s Miz and Alexa Bliss be facing new challengers at Survivor Series? Also before New Day has their huge match against the Shield at Survivor Series, they find themselves in the main event against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Does New Day gain some momentum before Survivor Series or do Owens and Zayn play spoiler? Find this out and more in this Smackdown Live review.

Smackdown Live comes from Charlotte, North Carolina and at the start of the show, Shane McMahon is with the Smackdown Live roster giving them a pep talk regarding Survivor Series. Shane reminds his roster that the superstars of Raw may very well show up tonight and to be ready. Shane makes sure his superstars know that they’re not the B show and they’ll prove it at Survivor Series. Shane asks Becky Lynch her thoughts about Asuka and Becky said she’s going to break her arm. He asked Baron Corbin about Miz and Corbin said Miz is on borrowed time before the End of Days. Shane brought up Raw adding Triple H to their team, but he was able to secure John Cena for the Smackdown Live team. He closed by saying that nobody can stop them. Not Kurt Angle, not Stephanie McMahon, and not the Shield. The segment ends with New Day accepting the Shield’s challenge and chanting with the locker room Smackdown Rocks.

Daniel Bryan heads to the ring talking about trying to make peace with Raw, but once he seen Stephanie McMahon he realized that was a long shot. Bryan is proud of Smackdown Live and is proud of all the wrestlers in the back and that they’re better than Raw. Bryan then introduces the new WWE Champion AJ Styles. Styles comes to the ring and Bryan asks Styles if he would want an advocate for one night only? Styles agrees so Daniel Bryan begins mocking Paul Heyman. Bryan starts taking shots at Lesnar, mainly referring to him as a quitter for walking out on WWE once upon a time ago. Bryan goes on saying how Styles is going to push Lesnar into the deep waters and that Lesnar can’t keep up with Styles.

Styles then says that he can talk and he isn’t a puppet like Lesnar. Styles agrees with Heyman regarding his underdog status, but he will prove that Smackdown is the A show and that Smackdown is the house that AJ Styles built.

After the break, Jinder Mahal confronts Styles backstage and tells him that once Brock Lesnar is done ripping him apart that he will once again become WWE Champion. Styles ignores Mahal and moves on.

CHAIRMAN’s TAKE: The opening was okay. It accomplished what it needed to. Shane McMahon doing his usual hyping up of his brand and rightfully so. AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan used their time to touch on the match against Brock Lesnar. Jinder Mahal has become an afterthought far as Survivor Series goes. However I’m sure Mahal will demand his rematch in the near future.

Baron Corbin © vs Sin Cara (WWE United States Championship Match)

The rivalry that has been ongoing for weeks on Smackdown Live has finally come to this. A United States Championship match where the winner goes to Survivor Series to wrestle The Miz from Monday Night Raw. The match begins and as it goes on Corbin gets the upper hand. After the break Corbin hits Sin Cara in the corner with a splash then throws him face first into the mat. Sin Cara attempts a comeback and manages to clothesline Corbin to the outside and then hits him with a suicide dive. Sin Cara gets Corbin back into the ring for a rollup pin, but kickout. Sin Cara then hits a crossbody followed by a pin, but kickout again. The match continues and Corbin manages to land Deep Six for a pinfall, but Sin Cara kicked out. Sin Cara is able to get control again after with Corbin on the outside, Sin Cara takes him down with a moonsault. Back in the ring again, Sin Cara goes up top looking for a big move. Corbin however gets to his feet and moments later is able to finish off Sin Cara with End of Days to retain his title.

WINNER: Baron Corbin via pinfall

CHAIRMAN’s TAKE: Unique feud for what it’s worth. Now that Sin Cara got his title match and was unsuccessful, he’ll probably disappear for months. Corbin meanwhile looks towards Survivor Series where he will be taking on The Miz in a non title match.

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon are backstage. Bryan wants to talk to Shane after Survivor Series about not consulting with him regarding the under siege movement against Raw.

Natalya © vs Charlotte Flair (WWE Smackdown Live Women’s Championship)

Match begins with some takedowns, but Charlotte is gaining the advantage so Natalya goes to the outside. Charlotte not wasting time goes outside and throws Natalya into the barricade then throws her into the ring for a pin. Nattie kicks out. Charlotte delivers a big boot and looks to go for another cover, but Natalya rolls to the outside just before break.

After the break, Natalya has Charlotte in a surfboard. Charlotte though gets out and starts striking Natalya with the Flair chops. Nattie though comes back with a discus clothesline taking Charlotte down for a pin, but she kicked out. Natalya gets Charlotte in a headlock briefly, but Charlotte is able to get out of it and spears Natalya. Charlotte with a cover, but kickout. Charlotte looks for the figure four, but Natalya ends up kicking Charlotte into the corner where she hits her head onto a turnbuckle pad. Natalya then looks for a Sharpshooter, but Charlotte prevents it from happening. Natalya measures up for another discus clothesline, but Charlotte blocks it and launches Natalya with a suplex. Natalya escapes the ring for a moment, but Charlotte on the apron delivers a boot to Natalya below. Charlotte on the floor now goes on to of the barricade looking for a big move, but Natalya grabs Charlotte into powerbomb position and runs into the turnbuckle post. Both women get back in the ring as the referee reaches seven. Natalya locks on the Sharpshooter and has it on Charlotte for quite some time. Charlotte though after some time is able to reach the ropes for a break. Natalya frustrated starts beating down on Charlotte. Charlotte though takes advantage of Natalya with a big boot and then applies the Figure Four followed by the Figure Eight which prompts Natalya to tap out crowning a new champion.

After the match Renee Young is in the ring. Charlotte talks about ever since the shakeup that she worked to become the Smackdown Live Women’s Champion. Even though it took her longer to get it than she thought, winning the title in her hometown means everything and at Survivor Series she’s going to make Alexa Bliss bow to the queen. She closes by bringing up her father Ric Flair and how it’s been a hard few months and even though he wasn’t there live, he’s still watching. As Charlotte made her way towards the stage, Ric Flair’s theme hit and he greeted Charlotte to celebrate her victory.

WINNER: Charlotte Flair via submission.

CHAIRMAN’S TAKE: And there you have it! Charlotte becomes the new champ in Charlotte. Now the singles women match is more intriguing being Alexa and Charlotte are the only two women to hold both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships and in a grand scheme of things, they both got swapped at the same time last spring avoiding each other. The most interesting part of course is since Charlotte was part of the five on five women’s match, her spot has been vacated now that she’s facing Bliss. You’d assume Natalya just take Charlotte’s spot on the Smackdown Live team, but it’s to be announced. Could be anybody at this point. Many speculate Paige (who was drafted to Raw) so this is something to discuss all week.


Bludgeon Brothers promo video again, however it’s announced they’re debuting next week finally.

Jimmy Uso (w/ Jey Uso) vs Chad Gable (w/ Shelton Benjamin)

Gable and Benjamin are in the ring waiting for the Usos. Usos come to the ring, but first they decide to touch on their Survivor Series opponents Sheamus and Cesaro. Usos mention that it was down to them last year in the Survivor Series match and then they take shots at the Bar. The match begins and Jimmy lays into Gable. Beats him down in the corner and then clotheslines him. Gable goes to the outside, but Jimmy Uso isn’t wasting time and goes after Gable and brings him back inside. Benjamin hops on the apron to distract Jimmy which allows Gable to go on the offense. After break, Gable is still on the attack and looks for a moonsault. However Gable is unsuccessful as Jimmy Uso evades the move. Jimmy then starts to get some offense in including a big Samoan Drop. Gable goes to the outside once again to escape. Jimmy looks to dive to the outside, but Gable quickly returns and hits Jimmy and throws him face first into the middle rope. Gable then on the outside starts exchanging words with Jey Uso and pushes him. Things get chaotic as Shelton Benjamin gets taken out by Jey. Gable back in the ring unaware of Jimmy gets superkicked and Jimmy Uso scores in the victory.

WINNER: Jimmy Uso via pinfall

CHAIRMAN’S TAKE: I’ve been enjoying this tag team rivalry. The Usos have been fantastic all year from their feud with New Day and now Gable and Benjamin. It’s weird seeing Gable and Benjamin as heels, but there’s definitely a change in how they’ve been working their past few matches. I’m sure another title match between these two teams is in the future, but for now the Usos will have to put Gable and Benjamin on the side and focus on the Bar at Survivor Series.

Backstage Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens vent about them being left off the Survivor Series pay per view, but aren’t surprised because of Shane McMahon.They go on saying how they should be facing the Shield, not New Day who’s a circus act.

New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston) vs Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

Before the match, New Day cuts a promo on how the Shield has won thirteen championships between them. New Day however has won twenty seven between them, most Kofi Kingston. New Day talk how they’ve been together and never betrayed or argued with one another which is why they’ll beat the Shield at Survivor Series. The match starts with Xavier Woods and Sami Zayn. Woods gets advantage early and traps Sami in their corner tagging in and out with Big E for a Unicorn Stampede. Eventually Zayn gets Woods into his corner and tags in Owens. Owens gets in some offense first, but Woods trips Owens into the ropes and hits him in the back with a running dropkick. Big E gets tagged in and Xavier hits the Honor Roll. Big E pins, but kickout. Owens rolls out of the ring and Zayn returns only to get laid out by Xavier before the break.

After the break, Owens has Xavier on the mat in a headlock. Owens plants Woods with a DDT and a cover, but kickout. Sami Zayn tags back in and Xavier with the hot tag gets Big E back in. Zayn gets launched by Big E three times with overhead belly to belly suplexes. Big E then runs the ropes and goes for a big splash. Big E itching for the Big Ending gets ambushed by Owens, but he gets thrown right out. Xavier launches himself over the ropes taking out Owens on the floor. Just as Big E looks to finish off Sami Zayn, SIERRA HOTEL INDIA ECHO LIMA DELTA play!!! Sure enough The Shield invade Smackdown Live. Owens and Zayn join New Day in the ring as it looks like it’s going to be five on three. Owens and Zayn however bail leaving New Day and the Shield three on three. The Usos then run out and get themselves some, but turns out Cesaro and Sheamus are here as well. Backstage the Raw women take down all the Smackdown women and as the Raw women all surround Charlotte, Alexa Bliss clocks her out of nowhere. Back in the ring Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Apollo Crews, Titus O’Neill all raid the ring. Shane McMahon then is charging the ring leading Baron Corbin, Zack Ryder, Mojo Rawley, and many other Smackdown Live superstars. All the sudden Braun Strowman’s music plays and he is walking down to the ring accompanied by Kurt Angle. Shane not backing down goes after Braun, but gets tossed for his troubles. The Shield are holding Shane and making him watch as the Raw roster is beating down all the Smackdown Live superstars. Angle then gives the Shield the thumbs down to Shane as the Shield triple powerbombs him. Angle then follows up with an Angle Slam before the Shield hit Shane McMahon with a second triple powerbomb as the show comes to a close.

WINNER: No contest

CHAIRMAN’s TAKE: Decent match, but Raw finally got their revenge on Smackdown Live in a big way. Nothing is cooler than hearing that Shield introduction before they rush the ring from the crowd. The past few days have really gotten me invested in Survivor Series. WWE made some major changes to the program and all have been for the better.


RATING: 8 out of 10. This was one of the better Smackdown Live episodes this year. Most of this rating came from what happened in the main event, but the women’s championship match was solid as well. The tag team feud between Usos and Gable and Benjamin told another chapter tonight while Corbin and Sin Cara’s feud has finally ended so it would appear. Considering alot of top Smackdown Live superstars were barely involved, if at all. I was impressed how well this show held my attention with what was presented to us. Survivor Series went from a filler pay per view to a must watch in my opinion, I’m ready! With that, follow me @chairmanpodcast on Twitter to see what I tweet next and thanks for reading this recap of Smackdown Live.