WWE NXT Review 12.20.17 w/Justin C

NXT Tag Team Championship: Sanity (Killian Dain and Eric Young) (c) vs The Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly)

After Fish and O’Reilly trade off trying to overpower Dain, Eric Young comes in. Young takes out Fish on the outside then hits a forearm on O’Reilly. O’Reilly distracts the ref saying his teeth are out, then Fish takes out Young on the apron.

Fish and O’Reilly take turns working over Young. Young jumps off the top right into a knee from O’Reilly but then catches Dain with a swinging neckbreaker. Fish goes after Dain before he can make a tag, then Dain tries coming in which allows the Undisputed Era to double team Young. Young tosses a charging O’Reilly over the top then low bridges a charging Fish. Young makes the hot tag to Dain and he goes to work. Dain hits some splashes in the corner then a running senton into a dropkick.

Dain tags in Young who powerbombs O’Reilly. The ref gets distracted by Fish, so Adam Cole comes out and crotches Young on the top. O’Reilly hits a forearm combo kick for two. Nikki Cross comes out and flies onto Cole. After the refs take away Cross, Cole tries coming back in but Dain stops him. Cole throws Dain into the post but gets taken out by Young with a dive. O’Reilly and Fish take out Young and get the pin to become new tag champs.

WINNERS and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions: Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish

Qualifying Match For #1 Contenders Match: Roderick Strong vs Lars Sullivan

Strong goes right after Sullivan after the bell. Strong tries taking him down with leg strikes but Sullivan keeps fighting him away. Sullivan takes out Strong with a hard clothesline, sending Strong flipping around.

Sullivan lands some hard forearms to the back of Strong then a splash in the corner. Sullivan gets strong in a bear hug. Strong gets out of it then catches Sullivan with a dropkick out of the corner. Strong gets Sullivan stuck in the ropes and runs back and forth with some forearms. Sullivan gets out with a forearm of his own and goes to the top. But Strong meets him up there and hits a superplex but only gets one.

Strong hits some knee strikes then an Olympic Slam for two. Strong goes for a running knee but Sullivan hits a pop-up powerslam then the Freak Accident for the win.

WINNER: Lars Sullivan

WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne (c) vs Tyler Bate

Dunne gets Bate down to an armbar early and starts working on the fingers. Bate is quick to counter. They continue to exchange mat work early on. Dunne stretches Bate’s arms but Bate gets out again with a dropkick this time. Dunne gets Bate back down again with a wristlock. Dunne then switches to Bate’s leg. Both men then each hit the other with a stiff looking punch.

Bate hits a knee lift then a European uppercut off the top sending Dunne to the outside. Dunne then hits Bate with a forearm. Bate blocks another one and stomps on Dunne’s hand on the steps. But Dunne recovers and hits a suplex off the stairs onto the floor. They go back to the ring where Dunne stomps on Bate’s hand and “dislocates” one of Bate’s fingers and Bate “pops” it back into place. Dunne goes to the other hand and the process is repeated.

Dunne starts to kick the head of Bate and Bate tells him to bring it on. Bate then ducks a kick and hits an Exploder suplex on Dunne. Bate hits some running uppercuts then a standing shooting star press for two. Bate goes for a Tyler Driver 97 but Dunne counters it into a triangle choke. Bate tries breaking it with a powerbomb but Dunne holds on to it. Bate then lifts Dunne up and puts Dunne in the ropes and shoots him up into the top rope to break it.

Bate does three standing airplane spins on Dunne. Dunne rolls to the apron. Bate slowly pulls him in by standing on the ropes and hits an Exploder suplex off the ropes. Both men exchange lariats as they reset. They exchange punches. Bate lands a knockout right. They go to the apron where Bate hits a rolling heel kick. Bate goes to the top but Dunne catches him with a right hand then hits a sitout powerbomb for two.

They go back to the outside where Bate clotheslines Dunne on the stage. The ref’s count gets to 9 so Bate jumps over the top onto Dunne to break it. Bate hits a Tyler Driver 97 in the ring for two. They go to the top where Bate goes for a German but Dunne lands on his feet and then catches Bate with the Bitter End for the win.

WINNER and STILL WWE United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne

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