Our own founder and co-owner of Hittin’ The Canvas Wrestling has a book!

Being a pro-wrestling fan is tough. Sometimes it’s awesome… other times it’s terrible… and most of the time it’s frustrating.

Matthew Harrak has experienced it all. From being a fan every Saturday for WWF Superstars and WCW Saturday Night to working behind-the-scenes at the leader of sports-entertainment to now as a reporter covering all things wrestling. “Hittin’ The Canvas” is a collection of essays from 2011-2018 that cover everything from WWE & Eric Bischoff to CM Punk & Daniel Bryan.

Follow along a brief journey thru the recent and sometimes tumultuous world of professional wrestling.

Available now on Amazon and the Amazon Kindle appHittin’ The Canvas is a compilation of years of articles written by Matthew Harrak and presented for you all for $2.99! So download the book, give a read and leave a review!