The Birth of 205 Live



What started as a pipe dream among wrestling fans all around the world conjured into a cruiserweight tournament on the WWE network, leading to the birth of 205 Live. Featuring an indie super roster fueled behind the power house that is the WWE; it was a dream made in heaven. The early days and months were tough to say the least. They’re debuted on Raw with Mick Foley included introducing the talent like you would see at beauty pageants. Their first show featured a tag team match with The Bollywood Boys whom, never wrestled there or at NXT again and were moved to the main roster as The Singh Brothers. The 205 Live roster wrestled with purple ropes during Raw instead of the normal ring set up, signifying that these quite aren’t WWE guys, yet. They were forced to film their one hour show after Smackdown’s tapings ended, now even after SmackDown and the Mixed Match Challenge ends. They’ve had their, arguably, three biggest draws in Neville, Rich Swann and Austin Aries leave the company. Enzo Amore was forced down Drew Gulak and companies throat until Enzo was released. The 205 Live brand was doomed.

The 205 Live experiment was dead before it started and honestly, no one is to truly blame. You can’t blame the WWE because they weren’t sure if they should treat 205 Live like NXT or Raw. You can’t blame the talent because those guys went all out each and every time they have wrestled for the WWE. Hell, you can’t even blame the audience. The causal WWE fan didn’t know who Tony Nese or Drew Gulak were and the few thousand who did, their chants weren’t loud enough to be heard on camera. According to Dave Meltzer, Triple H has assumed control of 205 Live while Vince ‘helps the talent with their characters’. AKA Vince has the XFL fully on his mind and doesn’t really need to give his full two cents worth on a day to day basis. Cue several highly praised matches from Mustafa Ali, Gran Metalik and Cedric Alexander, a few marquee NXT call-ups in Roderick Strong and Hideo Itami (I left out Murphy because who even know he was still on the roster), the addition of former Impact star Drake Maverick as the incredibly fresh general manager and a tournament to crown a new champion and boom 205 Live is back; or did they ever truly arrive at all?

I️ could make a case for each and every guy on the roster to be the champion and that’s not a bad thing as the tournament to crown a new champion unfolds. Whomever it is, things should heat up even more after Wrestlemania. It’s 205 Live’s time to shine. We are in full Wrestlemania season now and the fact that 205 Live is getting any attention in front or behind the camera has to be a sign of continued growth for the brand, right? Triple H taking over means 205 Live is going to thrive even after a new champion is crowned at Wrestlemania, right? Quietly, pray to your respective higher power, we are going to need it. All the pieces are now in place, Triple H has quietly put together his own dream team adding Jeremy Borash and Gabe Sapolsky to make sure NXT and 205 Live can and should thrive as the WWE continues to increase it’s role in the history of professional wrestling. Is it going to be another home-run for Triple H or is he just a one hit wonder?

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