WWE RAW 3.12.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. This Roman Reigns Angle Only Works If Brock Lesnar Doesn’t Show Up At Wrestlemania

I get that we are seeing a new, fiery, serious side of Roman Reigns. And it is evident in his promo work. And credit to the WWE for trying something different. But it also screams of desperation to try and get Reigns over on their part. They know the crowd is going to boo him. And his confrontation with Vince McMahon screamed of late WCW. The crowd even cheered when Vince said Reigns was temporarily suspended. And Brock is still working house shows. The only way this works is if Brock Lesnar doesn’t show up at Wrestlemania. And we all know that isn’t happening. Reigns will win, and the WWE will be back to square one with him the Monday after Mania.

2. So Now John Cena Wants To Join In On The Worked Shoot Fun?

I was really looking forward to John Cena going to Wrestlemania as a fan. He could have brought the beach balls and been exhausted by the tenth hour of the show like the rest of us! But instead he also “broke the script” and called out Undertaker. He said Taker hides his head in the sand when he loses, and Taker is the reason the match isn’t happening. He also called out Taker for his wife posting workout videos of him on Instagram. Again, Cena’s tone and seriousness was fine. But if you don’t like Roman’s worked shoot then you can’t really like Cena’s. It is the same type of setup. I swear I’m convinced that Vince Russo is back booking these shows.

3. The WWE Shows How Tone Deaf It Is Yet Again

No, this surprisingly has nothing to do with Kid Rock being inducted into the Hall of Fame. This has to do with them doing a “Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal” at Wrestlemania for the women. First off, doing this two months after the Royal Rumble is still really dumb. Not only that, but they decided to name the battle royal after one of the most vile women the wrestling world has ever seen. Sure, she was a history maker in women’s wrestling. But Moolah was also known for housing and training women to be wrestlers, then pimping them out to local promoters. If the Warrior Award wasn’t enough, the WWE decides to go and do this shit. This actually pisses me off more than the Warrior Award. And that is because it is a slap in the face to the whole “women’s evolution” motto to name something after a woman known to degrade other women.

Quick Hits

-I’m still not fully hooked in to the the Intercontinental Title storyline. Yeah it’ll be a good match, but the story isn’t there yet.

-Asuka and Mickie James have a nice little match and the crowd chants “Rusev Day” and “CM Punk.” This is why your city is the way it is Detroit.

-I liked the reveal as to why the camera was on recording Alexa and Mickie. But if you want the crowd to get behind Nia, don’t have her cry at the end of her rampage.

-I’m getting excited for Ultimate Deletion next week but I just know I am going to get let down.

-Sure Braun could face The Bar at Wrestlemania on his own. But he could also form a buddy tag team with Elias!

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Justin C

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