WWE RAW 3.19.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Roman Reigns Gets No Sympathy From Me

If you came out of that opening segment with symathy for Reigns then I don’t know what to tell you. First off, Reigns was trespassing. Then he was under arrest for said trespassing and assault federal law enforcement. Cole said they manhandled him. If you think that was unneccessary force Cole then I have some videos to show you. The WWE tried so hard to shove Lesnar’s attack as cowardly down our throats. Except Reigns put himself in that position. The crowd even chanted “You Deserve It” at Reigns, so it didn’t get Reigns any sympathy from some of the crowd either. The commentary was clearly trying to get Reigns over with the aftermath. As I’ve been saying, this is the WWE’s last ditch attempt to get Reigns over with the crowd and it continues to fail.

2. Cena Had Me With His Promo Until Kane Showed Up

I was starting to get into Cena’s promo until Kane showed up. Cena did a great job of just asking Undertaker for an answer by saying if you’re retired say it. Him calling Taker a coward got a response from the crowd. It didn’t feel like a shoot this week. It just felt like Cena calling Taker out for a fight. He didn’t pull the curtain back on any backstage or real life stuff this week. And then Kane decided to show up and randomly chokeslam Cena and leave. What the hell was the point of that? If Kane never appeared on my screen again I would be a happy wrestling fan. It didn’t add anything to the story outside of stretching it out even further than necessary.

3. It Wasn’t As Good As The First, But I Enjoyed Ultimate Deletion

Sometimes you just have to turn your brain off and enjoy things. People who didn’t like Ultimate Deletion are people who take wrestling way too seriously. I chuckled a few times during it. The throwback to Bray’s shack was a nice touch. The Senor Benjamin cameo was well done. Bray not being in the Lake of Reincarnation at the end was an intersting touch. We can only hope this means the end of the Bray Wyatt character in the WWE, something that is long over due. I’m glad the WWE didn’t fuck with this, because it would have been way way worse. This was the good kind of awful that you just have to sit back and enjoy. Although I will say Cole shitting on this before it aired was not a smart thing to do.

Quick Hits

-Alexa Bliss does such a great job of getting heel heat back on herself. It comes so natural for her.

-Cesaro and Sheamus were lucky they weren’t shot sight on seen when Sheamus said they do everything together, including sleeping together (in the same room). They don’t care for two men sleeping together or foreigners in Texas.

-They did such a good job building up Sasha vs Bayley and now they aren’t even to going get a match at Wrestlemania. Stupid.

-Great job by Miz calling Balor’s old name Prince Nevitt. The most important part of the promo and he messes it up.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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