WWE RAW 3.26.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. WWE Should Take A Lesson From NJPW Strong Style Evolved 

Last night during Strong Style Evolved, there were no commerical breaks during their matches. Tonight on RAW, the first match was Mickie James vs Nia Jax. There was a commercial 30 seconds into it. The cruiserweight tag and the Club/Miztourage match were already started when they came back from commercial. The WWE should take a lesson from New Japan here and not have commercials during RAW. I know on Smackdown we get those picture-in-pictures with the wrestling taking place in the upper corner. That’s a start. Can they at least do that on RAW too? It is pretty much impossible to get into any match that has a commercial break less than a minute into it.

2. Sasha Banks and Bayley Not Having A Match At Wrestlemania Is Criminal

Bayley officially said she was in the Women’s Battle Royal in their backstage segment this week. And that could have taken away from this segment. But it didn’t. Bayley asking Sasha how long she held the Women’s Title despite winning it four times was great. This backstage brawl might have been a week to late but it was damn good. You could feel the tension building up between these two and they delivered in their little pull apart brawl. These two deserve a match at Wrestlemania. It should be some kind of Street Fight. But instead they get put in the Women’s Battle Royal because EVERYONE HAS TO GET ON THE SHOW!!!

3. The Cena/Taker Program Has Gone Completely Off The Rails

They’ve officially lost me with the Cena/Taker program. John Cena looks like a small child out there throwing a temper tantrum waiting for the Undertaker to answer him. At this point any rational human being would have moved on. Go to Smackdown and team with Daniel Bryan. Team with Braun. Go into the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Anything would be better than this right now. I actually feel bad for the people in attendance tonight. They probably expected Undertaker to show up with Cena/Kane going on last. They left with a bitter taste in their mouth. I just don’t care about any of this at all and it has completely gone down my list of anticipated Wrestlemania matches.

Quick Hits

-At least the WWE didn’t shove the whole “U.S. Marshals getting aggressive” with Roman Reigns narrative like they did last week.

-I don’t care if they were in character, that Stephanie McMahon/Triple H video package made me want to blow my brains out.

-They are running out of ideas for the IC Title feud when they keep doing MizTV segments, and Rollins/Balor AGAIN next week.

-Smart of Ronda Rousey to not take career advise from Paige. Also nice to see her channel her inner Pentagon Jr. in trying to break Mandy Rose’s arm.

-The lack of wrestling on this show tells you just how close to Wrestlemania we are.

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Justin C

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