We’ve got an alright NXT this week, with a strong opening and a great angle to end the show.  Well, the Ciampa/Gargano stuff was great.  A possible send off for SAnitY happened and we were made to try and care for a tag team I just don’t care about again.

Give Me Your Tag Teams

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch have kind of just been there in NXT since being signed, and despite a showing in The Dusty Rhodes Classic, they were taken out in the first round.  After a pretty good Undisputed Era promo opened the show, with Roderick Strong finally explaining his actions and why he joined TUE (He’s finally doing something for himself!), Oney Lorcan had his match with Cole interrupted by the champs cohorts.  This prompted Danny Burch to attempt to make the save and set the two men up to maybe get some more time on NXT TV.  Having Lorcan put up a fight against Cole means they weren’t showcasing him as just a block in Cole’s continued road to the top.  Bringing Burch out to make the save means their tag team continues and sets them up to be a foil to Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong.  While I think there are just SO MANY TAG TEAMS inundating NXT, I like the idea that we don’t have to see the same teams fighting each other all the time.  War Mach-  errrr War Raiders have made their presence known and will probably destroy Heavy Machinery, who called them out during this week’s show.  TM61 still exists I think, Street Profits are around, Mustache Mountain May still make their way across the pond to make appearances – THERE IS A TAG TEAM EXPLOSION.  Let’s see them!

Unfortunately it looks like Tino Sabotelli and Riddick Moss still aren’t in the same page as Sabotelli walked out on his partner.  I ask you this important question –  does anybody care about this team anyway?

Dakota Kai Never Dies

I really don’t know what to make of this Dakota Kai/ Shayna Baszler weird feud.  It almost seems as if Shayna is trying to bully Dakota into wanting to fight her so she can feud with who she thinks is a weak opponent.  The problem is that Dakota is showing herself to be weak by being seemingly so afraid – she hasn’t rustled up my “shes an underdog and can take out the monster!” feels.  I do think there could potentially be a story there where Kai builds up her confidence and faces Shayna down, but I don’t see the outcome being Kai winning that showdown so it’s tough.  I more wish WWE would finally introduce a female tag title and Kai can team up with the recently returned Nixon Newell to be a part of that.

Psycho Killer Ciampa is a Revelation

I am aware that on the Indies Tomasso Ciampa was called the Psycho Killer and this persona he has now brought to NXT is perfect.  Johnny Gargano is the perfect face you want to root for (and he plays up being hurt wonderfully), but Ciampa as the Psychotic former friend suffering a break is just top notch.  He is cementing himself as the TOP HEEL in WWE as anyone who just keeps beating up their former best friend at every opportunity- then stands by smiling as everyone else tries to clean up the destruction – wonderful.  Even fans who normally back the bad guys should be appalled by Ciampa’s dastardly actions.  All Johnny did was love him.  Sigh.

My favorite part of the whole attack may have been that seemingly only Kassius Ohno is a good bro because he was watching Gargano and his wife Candice LaRae get into the ambulance.  Well, he’s a good bro or he thinks if he shows compassion for Gargano maybe the NXT brass will give him a match to fight for his “friends” honor.


Adam Cole defeated Oney Lorcan (with a little help from his friends)

Heavy Machinery defeated Moss and Sabotelli (following Tino’s Walk off)

NXT Championship Match: Aleister Black defeated Eric Young (who took advantage of Johnny Gargano’s destruction for a title match) 

I really think this may have been the last of SAnitY on NXT, a beat down by Aleister Black.  And let me just say – awhile ago I talked about NXT wasting Nikki Cross and I cannot BELIEVE she wasn’t with SAnitY when they showed up on Smackdown.  I really hope we don’t miss out on how great she is.

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Happy Wrestling!