WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses w/ The Chairman 5.29.18

Well the WWE pulled the old bait and switch on us Smackdown Live fans this evening. That and more on this week’s hits and misses.


HIT: Samoa Joe Captures the Final Spot


Samoa Joe opened up Smackdown Live with another intense promo and even got personal with Daniel Bryan before they engaged in battle on tonight’s main event. More on that in a moment. Hands down Samoa Joe is one of the best on the mic far as intensity goes. With him winning the main event tonight makes me really want to see him win Money in the Bank. Samoa Joe has all the tools to become WWE Champion.


MISS: Samoa Joe vs Daniel Bryan Cancelled


Last week Daniel Bryan defeated Jeff Hardy to secure a second chance opportunity against Samoa Joe. The internet has been buzzing about seeing Joe and Bryan squaring off one on one for the first time in WWE. However Big Cass put an end to our dream match by announcing that he was medically cleared and Bryan wouldn’t get his shot at Joe. Remember the original match was Big Cass vs Samoa Joe. Paige decided to make the main event a triple threat match between Joe, Bryan, and Cass with the winner getting the final spot. Needless to say, crappy move by the WWE to lure fans in with a great match proposition and taking it away. Hopefully someday WWE finally gives us Bryan vs Joe one on one without Big Cass.


HIT: New Day and Bar Miz Excel in Six Man Tag


New Day and the Bar have been feuding for quite some time. The latest wedge was when New Day beat the Bar for the right to send one member of their team to the Money in the Bank ladder match. Miz tried to get a Miz TV exclusive on which New Day member was going, but got nothing but pancakes for his troubles. Hence the Miz and Bar reunite to attempt to take down another WWE trio. The match was full of action and all six of these men had a great match. They were inside, outside, double team moves. Match of the night in my book. New Day ended up getting the victory and we’re still left asking who’s going to Money in the Bank?


MISS: Lana vs Naomi in a Dance Off


Welcome to 2018 where the women’s wrestling takes another backseat for a dance off segment. Smackdown Live is two hours long with a deep roster that can’t get on television every week and we’re stuck with this garbage. I have absolutely nothing positive to say here. This Lana push isn’t needed when there are far more talented women wrestlers being left out of the Money in the Bank ladder match and Naomi doesn’t exactly do anything for me either. She glows and uses her rear as a finisher? Give me Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Mandy Rose, or Sonya Deville instead anyday. Of course Rusev, Aiden, and the Usos get drug along into this fiasco and now there’s a mixed tag match for next week. This storyline sucks!


HIT: Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch Primed for Money in the Bank


Charlotte and Becky have been linked ever since arriving on the main roster a few years ago. Some may recall PCB where it all started with Paige. The two of course have a friendly debate on who is going to win the Money in the Bank briefcase between the two of them. Fair enough with the event a few weeks away. Charlotte cleary wants Asuka to win the title so she can cash in on her at Wrestlemania while Becky would just be content having the contract. It turns out these two will face off one on one next week in singles action. So in conclusion they’ll get interrupted by Peyton Royce and Billie Kay and it’ll turn into a tag team match. WWE is apparently on the false advertising bait and switch bandwagon now.


MISS: Carmella is a Forgettable Champion


I’m honestly surprised Carmella is still the Smackdown Live Women’s Champion because she hasn’t done anything memorable at all since cashing in her Money in the Bank contract. Has she even wrestled a match since her title defense against Charlotte at Backlash? WWE needs to sever this title reign at Money in the Bank and give it to Asuka. Asuka needs a jumpstart because for some reason ever since she went to Smackdown Live, she has completely lost her edge. There are plenty of feuds Asuka can have heel or face. Carmella just cuts annoying promos about beating Charlotte Flair twice and therefore she’s better than Asuka and how she’s better than Trish Stratus and Lita every week. This was a mistake, let’s admit it and move on before it’s too late.


That concludes this version. All in all this was a bad episode of Smackdown Live, probably the first since the brand split. I just think we have way too much time between Backlash and Money in the Bank and this writing team just isn’t very good and keeping things fresh and interesting for six weeks. Anyhow thanks for reading and if you don’t already follow me on Twitter @chairmanpodcast