WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 7.10.18 w/ The Chairman

Here are the hits and misses for the go home Smackdown Live before Extreme Rules.


HIT: Hell Yes Ten Man Main Event


Smackdown Live started out with Miz TV hosting Team Hell No. Sure enough The Miz took his shots and Daniel Bryan and Kane before the segment was crashed by the Bludgeon Brothers and Sanity. New Day of course made the save and behold we received our main event. Smackdown Live has been investing alot of time building up Team Hell No’s attempt to challenge for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship against the Bludgeon Brothers. We should be in store for a decent match, especially with Bryan and Harper involved. Also learned New Day meets Sanity in a tables match during the kickoff show. However before the big show, we seen all ten of these men engage in combat and it was a fun match. We even got celebratory pyro in the end for Daniel Bryan.


MISS: Styles vs Nakamura Again Because Why Not?


What once was a dream match has become overkill. It’s not that fans don’t enjoy seeing these two in the ring, but this rivalry has lost it’s luster and appeal. The last man standing match at Money in the Bank was a fitting end to this feud. Styles and Nakamura going forward should be saved for special events, not throwaway material for a random Tuesday night. I don’t know if it’s lazy booking or what, but definitely a miss that the WWE has put these two on a major program six times in the past four months.


HIT: The Match We Should’ve Had Got Booked


I tweeted earlier today once I learned Styles and Nakamura were wrestling again that instead we should have Styles team up with Jeff Hardy against Nakamura and Rusev. Clearly this would make sense since we have two champions teaming up against two challengers. Decent back and forth action and just when it looked like Jeff Hardy had it in the bag, Nakamura changed everything knocking Hardy off the top rope when it looked like he was going to hit the Swanton Bomb. Rusev then was able to secure the win building his momentum for Extreme Rules. We can only hope someday he comes out in a tank once again.


MISS: Mella Is Not Money


Other than the cringe title reign of Brock Lesnar, the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship needs to change hands now. Carmella is not championship material. I had high hopes for her, but her character just isn’t getting there. She barely wrestles and when she does it’s not memorable. The only thing keeping her relevant is James Ellsworth and her ability to somewhat generate heat. The Smackdown Live roster is loaded with talented women who could be considered champion and one of them is Asuka. Whether or not Asuka finally gets to call herself champion on Sunday remains to be seen. At least she won’t have to worry about Ellsworth though as he will be locked in a shark cage. Yes, a shark cage. As in this is literally the E’s new go to stipulation the past few years.


HIT: Almas Finally Wrestled Sin Cara


Those that may or may not remember Almas and Sin Cara were building a mini program, but then Sin Cara allegedly got injured. Yet he was working house shows so this is the E once again trying to brainwash the masses and just can’t come out and say we can’t fit everybody in on a two hour program. Anyways the match was a great one to watch. Almas and Sin Cara made every minute count, mainly because who knows how many more they’ll get any time soon. Almas and his manager Zelina Vega are a terrific pairing that could easily ascend the rankings as top villains of Smackdown Live. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen.


MISS: Extremely Basic Rules


For a pay per view that prides itself on the one night a year WWE goes extreme, it sure doesn’t feel like it this year. With eleven matches announced, six of them are basic matches. The kicker is out of the high profile title matches, only two of them have a stipulation. The Intercontinental Championship Iron Man Match and the Extreme Rules Match for the Raw Women’s Championship. Unless something changes between now and the show Sunday, we’re going to be in for a long night of basic rules wrestling.


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