WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses w/ The Chairman 7.17.18

After a frustrating Monday Night Raw, I needed to step back from the WWE for a bit. Those that follow my Twitter @ChairmanSV should already know my feelings on the current product of Monday. However this article is about Smackdown and with last night’s Major League Baseball All Star Game, I’m a little behind schedule. However the hits and misses are here for Smackdown Live.


HIT: Almas Finally Getting Exposure


It took some time, but Andrade “Cien” Almas is finally getting some time on Smackdown Live to showcase his skills. Those that follow social media probably seen the backstage incident involving AJ Styles and Zelina Vega. Paige didn’t waste any time and booked the match to kickoff Smackdown Live tonight. It was definitely as good as advertised. Definitely some moments where it looked like Almas was going to win. However AJ Styles showed why he was the champion and quickly made Almas tap out to the Calf Crusher. Not sure where Almas goes next, but Styles will be waiting to see who gets announced as his opponent at Summerslam.


HIT: Becky Lynch Finally Gets Her Opportunity


Well Becky Lynch fans, you have been patient. Now you have been rewarded. With another impressive victory for Straight Fire over Mandy Rose, Paige has awarded her a singles match against Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Carmella. If Becky can defeat Carmella, Becky will receive a title shot at Summerslam. Now granted Becky should have no problem beating Carmella. However as Carmella reminds us, she has two wins over Charlotte Flair and Asuka. Sure they were definitely controversial, but the records books don’t lie. You know damn well James Ellsworth is going to be lurking around so Becky better be prepared. I can definitely see some angry tweets coming if Becky ends up getting screwed over in this one.


HIT: Randy Orton is Sadistic Again?


I’m not sure if Orton is a face or heel yet in his return, but he’s definitely vile. As Jeff Hardy was moments away from beating Shinsuke Nakamura to reclaim the United States Championship, Orton pulled him out of the ring and began an assault. Nakamura watched in the distance as Orton destroyed Hardy. I’m guessing this is how they’re going to write Hardy off television to recover from injuries. Orton went even as far as teasing that he was going to rip his earlobe. Sadistic Randy Orton is the best Orton and hopefully this is the route he’s going. Most would agree a heel Orton is a lot better than a face one and Smackdown Live already has plenty of babyfaces. Let’s have Orton run havok on Smackdown Live and even go as far as to bringing back the punt kick.


HIT: Team Hell No Reunion Buried, But Miz and Bryan Heating Up


Looks like the fun nostalgia act of Team Hell No is already done since Kane has an injury. At least the E though probably sold a bunch of those hideous shirts from the reunion. Miz however didn’t waste any time rubbing it in that Team Hell No has gone bye bye bye. Bryan however showed up and beat down the Miz. The dream match everyone has wanted since Bryan announced his return to in ring action is looking good to go folks. Summerslam I would assume is the date this is going happen. The next few weeks should be fun building this match up.


HIT: Samoa Joe Returns


We haven’t seen Samoa Joe on Smackdown Live for a few weeks, but the Samoan Destroyer is back. He squashed the perfect enhancement Tye Dillinger in a matter of seconds. I would imagine Samoa Joe would be the one to challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Summerslam. Hopefully this is in fact true because I want to see it. Gives me a reason to tune in next week I guess.


HIT: Kofi Kingston and Eric Young Had a Great Match


Picking up where they left off after Extreme Rules, Sanity and New Day continued their rivalry. The veterans of each team Kofi and EY faced off in the ring and they went all out. Sure enough the other members got involved and Killian Dain made sure Eric Young walked out the winner tonight. It looks like this feud could very well go on for another few weeks.


This show didn’t miss fans! It was a pretty solid Smackdown. We got to see some great matches. Some build to Summerslam has started for the Smackdown Live brand. Several wrestlers were nowhere to be seen, but that’s what keeps things fresh on Tuesday nights and prevents overexposure. Burning questions such as who can stop the Bludgeon Brothers? Where does Asuka go from here? Will Rusev make amends with Aiden English? Maybe we find out next week along with many other things. Smackdown Live is hitting home runs as Raw continues to strike out each and every week. With that this concludes another Smackdown Live review. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back with more coverage of NJPW G1 Climax B Block in the coming days. Otherwise Smackdown Live article coming at you next week!