Lucha Underground Review 8.8.18 w/Justin C

Mariposa comes into Antonio Cueto’s office. She is looking quite chesty. She tells Antonio she always wanted to be with a Cueto. But she is here to ask for a Gift of the Gods Title match. Antonio says she doesn’t deserve one. Mariposa then throws a lot of money on the table and Antonio changes his mind.

The Rabbit Tribe is in the ring. Antonio Cueto says only one of them can be in this match. Paul London tells Mala Suerte he will be in the match because he failed the White Rabbit.

Mala Suerte vs Matanza

Mala Suerte catches Matanza with a dropkick coming to the ring. He lays in some punches and they add a really stupid sound effect to it, and they do it again when he starts hoping. Thankfully Matanza ends things quickly with the Wrath of the Gods and Mala Suerte is sacrificed after.

WINNER: Matanza

Joey Ryan and Jack Evans vs XO Lishus and Ivelisse

Ivelisse gets the better of Evans early on so he tags in Joey Ryan. She chops Ryan a couple of times then tags in XO Lishus. XO knocks down Ryan. Ryan starts to smile and asks for a kiss but XO dropkicks him instead. Evans comes in. XO triple handstands to the corner and slaps Evans in the face. Ivelisse comes in and takes out Ryan but eats a spinning kick from Evans. Joey Ryan comes in and rubs Ivelisse’s face in the canvas. Ivelise ducks a forearm and hits a DDT. Both of them make tags. XO takes out Evans with some dropkicks. Ivelisse superkicks Evans. XO takes out Ryan but Evans is the legal man. He hits a springboard kick. Evans submits XO with a modified Hells Gate and he passes out.

WINNERS: Jack Evans and Joey Ryan

After the match Evans won’t let go of the hold until Ivelisse breaks it up. Even Joey Ryan is upset with him.

Gift of the Gods Championship: El Dragon Azteca Jr. (c) vs Mariposa

Mariposa low blows El Dragon as the referee is giving away the belt. He reverses her in the corner and hits a forearm then an enziguri kick for two. She catches him with a Samoan drop but he comes back with a kick. El Dragon hits a 450 splash for two. Mariposa comes back with a Vertebreaker for two. El Dragon reverses a second attempt into a pin for the win.

WINNER and STILL Gift of the Gods Champion: El Dragon Azteca Jr.- That match was all of ten moves and seemed like a waste of time.

The Worldwide Underground vs The Reptile Tribe

Kobra Moon says what Mundo did to Vibora was smart and takes courage. But she brought back someone from the dead. Out comes Jeremiah Snake, formerly Jeremiah Crane. So apparently she used venom of her tribe to bring him back to life. Johnny Mundo tells Ricky Mundo to hit the bricks. Mundo says they have a new partner, Aerostar.

Everyone brawls on the outside as Mundo and Snake do in the ring. Aerostar springboards to the outside onto everyone. Drago hits a spinning dive to the outside. Taya then dives onto everyone. Snake then lifts Kobra onto Mundo and she bulldogs him off the apron onto everyone. Snake puts everyone from Worldwide on the chairs and sentons into them. We finally get back in the ring but it is more of the same with people coming in and out. Kobra jumps into Mundo but he catches him but Snake and Drago hit two dropkicks. Triple superkick on Mundo. Aerostar hits a dive to the outside and we have Drago and Mundo in the ring. Mundo catches Drago with a knee strike then the End of the World for the win.

WINNERS: The Worldwide Underground

So now Kobra Moon has to grant Johnny Mundo one wish. Mundo says he is using his wish for Aerostar to free Drago. But Taya seems upset that he didn’t use the wish on her. Aerostar seems happy. Taya yells at Johnny. He says Kobra couldn’t grant his wish because only Taya can do that. Mundo then proposes to Taya and she says yes. They do a Macho Man/Elizabeth pose. We see Ricky Mundo with his creepy doll saying he hopes they are together til death do them part and they laugh.

One thing to point out. On commentary during the match Vampiro said Johnny Mundo reminded him of Misawa. That might be the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard.

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