Lucha Underground Review 8.15.18 w/Justin C

Paul London tells Antonio Cueto that last week Mala Suerte showed he doesn’t do it like a rabbit. London says he wants a chance at retribution, and Saltador would love the chance to do it. Out comes Matanza, who makes quick work of Saltador and then POOF, he vanishes.

Backstage, Killshot tells Son of Havoc that he doesn’t respect him and Havoc is trying to get Mack to turn on him. Killshot says the evidence is there when Mack pinned Killshot to put him out of the Gift of the Gods match. Killshot tells them he’s fighting for that Title tonight. Mack says they have a Trios Title match. Killshot says he will be back to defend those Titles. He then tells Havoc he doesn’t like him either and walks away.

Gift of the Gods Championship: Dragon Azteca Jr (c) vs Killshot

Dragon starts with a spinning heel kick then a spinning enziguri. Dragon slides out to go after Killshot but Killshot jumps back on the apron then hits Dragon with a double stomp and then a running moonsault to the outside. Killshot applies a modified Rings of Saturn with his legs. Dragon moves out of the way of a Killshot charge and Killshot goes into the post. Dragon hits a head kick then a top rope enziguri off the top to the apron to the floor. An exchange of running moves in the corner. Dragon gets Killshot to chase him to the outside then hits Killshot with a leg drop off the top. They exchange shot again on the apron. Killshot hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron then a Kill Stomp but only gets two. They exchange chops and kicks until Dragon eventually hits the DDTJ for the win.

WINNER and STILL Gift of the Gods Champion: El Dragon Azteca Jr: Good match. Dragon has been the focal point of the show the last few weeks and he’s been carrying the ball well.

Aerostar meets up with Drago. He tells Drago how he is free from the Reptile Tribe. Drago says he did things that were unforgivable during that time and is not worthy of Aerostar’s friendship. Drago says he must go but is not sure if he will meet Aerostar again. Drago vanishes and Aerostar says he is sure of it.

Trios Championship: The Mack, Son of Havoc and Killshot (c) vs The Reptile Tribe

The Reptile Tribe is now Daga, Kobra Moon and Jeremiah Snake. There is no Killshot to start the match. Everyone gets a spot in to start the match. Mack takes out Kobra Moon with a dropkick then Jeremiah with a flying knee. Jeremiah knocks Mack off the apron then out comes Killshot who takes him out. We then get a long line of leg chokes. Mack then turns over Jeremiah and the line turns. Mack then takes everyone out with a running swanton to the outside. Everyone hits a dive to the outside. Jeremiah and Kobra hit some tandem offense. Mack hits a Stunner on Kobra then a Samoan Drop and standing moonsault on Jeremiah. Crane catches Mack with a kick then a submission but Son of Havoc breaks it up then hits a dive to the outside, accidentally taking out Killshot. Killshot then pushes Havoc off the top and Jeremiah hits a Snake Neckbreaker for the win.

WINNER and NEW Trios Champions: The Reptile Tribe (c)- Paint by the numbers Trios match that saw your normal dives to the outside and quick action with everyone hitting a move in succession.

After the match Killshot mocks Son of Havoc and says he is the reason they lost. Killshot then hits him with a Kill Stomp after the match.

Cage comes out to talk about his Title match with Pentagon Dark next week but Pentagon attacks him. They start brawling up the stairs and to the catwalk. Cage takes out a security card. They keep cutting to a priest, Father Rick O’Shea (haha they are so clever), who will marry Taya and Johnny Mundo. They each tease throwing the other off the catwalk. Matt Striker says fans that buy a ticket to the show are essentially signing a waiver if they accidentally get hurt. Good luck having that stand up in court Matt. Cage goes to attack the priest but Pentagon stops Cage. The priest goes to thank Pentagon but Pentagon breaks his arm. They brawl to the back as they go off the air. Weird ending.

Mack asks Antonio Cueto he wants a match with Killshot next week. Antonio tells Mack he already has a match next week against Mil Muertes in a haunted house match.

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