NXT TakeOver Brooklyn IV Review 8.18.18 W/5 Minute Wrestling Reviews

WWE put on another great NXT TakeOver event for Brooklyn IV. The main event between Ciampa and Gargano was another great match in their feud,. The opener between Undisputed Era and Mustache Mountain was also tremendous, and they delivered another bout that will talked about in their rivalry. Adam Cole and Ricochet also had the crowd in their hands, and the most talked about spot of the night with the mid air superkick. Big thumbs up from NXT, yet again!

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• Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong vs. Trent Seven & Tyler Bate for NXT tag titles: Seven gets isolated early with TUE hitting some nice double teams. Bate hits a swing on Strong while KOR is on his back. Bate gets worked over for a while as TUE work great back and forth double team moves. Seven gets a hot tag and runs wild. KOR hits a nice PK and brainbuster for 2. Bate hits a great copa kick but Strong locks the Strong hold on Seven. Bate fights out of KOR’s triangle into a powerbomb on Strong. Bate runs wild with great offense including a tope, and a Tyler Driver 97 for 2! KOR rolls into a heel hook on Bate, and Seven teases throwing in the towel but tosses it into the crowd instead. An assisted burning hammer from Moustache Mountain on KOR gets 2! Bate runs into a Strong knee, and the high/low finishes Seven off. The War Raiders attack after the match. ****1/2

• EC 3 vs. Velveteen Dream: EC3 works a wristlock to start and transitions to kicks in the corner. Dream hits a twisting DDT on the metal ramp. Dream works over EC3 and targets the neck. Dream tosses water into EC3’s face and they trade hands in the middle of the ring. EC3 plants Dream’s head into the mat for a nearfall and hits a cross body that gets reversed for a 2 count. A pair of powerbombs by EC3 gets another 2. A superplex gets EC3 another 2, but Dream hits the Dream Valley Driver for a nearfall of his own. Dream hits a Dream Valley Driver and top rope elbow on the apron to finish it. ***

• Adam Cole vs. Ricochet for North American title: They trade holds early and counter each other. Cole works a hold and then tosses Ricochet against the barricade. Ricochet hits a great rolling dropkick and corkscrew tope. Ricochet goes wild with flips, and gets a nearfall with a 2nd rope corkscrew moonsault. Cole hits a great superkick on a Ricochet moonsault which gets 2. They trade kicks and knees in the middle of the ring before going to a double down. Ricochet hits a reverse rana and an inside out Rana. 630 ends it and gives us a new champ. ****

• Shayna Baszler vs. Kairi Sane for NXT womens’s title: Sane gets a couple quick roll ups and hits a Rana to the outside. Baszler targets the knee of Sane and ties her up on the ground. Sane finally gets to her feet and they trade strikes with Sane connecting with a couple rolling neckbreakers. Baszler hits a gutwrench superplex and a running knee for 2. Sane hits a spear and great top rope elbow and then cross body to the outside. Another top rope elbow gets 2. Baszler locks in a choke but Sane counters to a cloverleaf. Sane has a 3rd elbow blocked, and Baszler gets a choke but Sane turns over and gets the pin. ***3/4

• Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa in a last man standing match for NXT title: Gargano attacks before the bell and they brawl outside. Gargano hits a running front dive from the apron and follows by tossing Ciampa into the announce table. Ciampa hits an air raid crash through the announce table for a 7 count. Ciampa works a choke, but Gargano is able to hit a lawn dart through a chair. Ciampa this a trio of Germans and delivers chair shots. 3 Project Ciampas follow but Gargano gets and and hits a superkick. Ciampa reverses the slingshot spear with a DDT and they trade big strikes in the middle of the ring. Ciampa drives Gargano head first into the steps, and exposes the wood in the ring. Gargano involves a crutch and hits a draping DDT on the wooded ring for a 9 count. Ciampa hits a running knee on Gargano through the barricade and buries him with chairs and stuff at ringside for a 9 count. They battle some more and Gargano delivers a superkick through 2 tables. The action spills up the ramp and Ciampa taps out to the Gargano escape, and Gargano handcuffs him to some rigging on the stage. Gargano rains down superkicks but misses a running knee and flies off the stage. Ciampa gets up at 9 as Gargano sells the knee and can’t make the count. ****1/2

Overall: 8.75/10

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