Lucha Underground Review 8.22.18 w/Justin C

We start with El Dragon Azteca Jr. talking to Melissa Santos backstage. He asks if she misses Fenix and she says more and more everyday. El Dragon offers Melissa half a necklace and tells her that she brought great joy to Fenix’s life. Melissa thanks El Dragon for being a good friend and goes out to start the show.

Haunted House Match: The Mack vs Mil Muertes w/Catrina

Hey, it can’t be any worse than the House of Horrors match right? This is essentially a cage match with various weapons and Halloween decorations, despite it being August. Catrina grabs the mic and tells Melissa that she forgot to announce her name and to do it again, bitch. Melissa says no so Catrina attacks her. She slams Melissa into the cage then smashes her face into a vase on the floor.

We start the match back from break. Mil land a couple of kendo stick shots. He then puts a garbage can over Mack’s head and hits the kendo stick into it. Mil then uses a garbage can and crowbar. Mack lands a few shots but then walks right into a Mil powerslam. After a pumpkin shot, Mack starts to fight back. Mack starts going up the cage, despite there being no escape. Mil spears Mack into the cage but it doesn’t fully break. And it doesn’t after a second time either.

Mil climbs up the cage to get back in then hits a crossbody (off the ropes) for two. Mil grabs the table he brought in. Mil grabs a KNIFE off the cage and busts Mack open it. Mil runs it across Mack’s head a few times. Mack then stops himself from being thrown into a table in the corner then tosses Mil into it. But Mil comes right back and spears Mack into another table. Mil sets up another table, but he turns around into three stunners from Mack. Mack puts Mil on the table and climbs up, but Mil gets up and meets him and hits a Flatliner off the top rope through the table for the win.

WINNER: Mil Muertes- Fun little brawl that was pretty much a Mil Muertes squash. Mack had a few hope spots and that was it, which is surprising considering how well he’s been positioned lately.

After the match Catrina once again refuses to do the Kiss of Death. That’s because she is alive now!

Famous B thanks everyone for their well wishes and says it only took seven screws to repair his ankle. Famous B does the intros but says “Oh shit” when he realizes it is Jake Strong coming out.

“The Savage” Jake Strong vs Aerostar

Strong towers over Aerostar and mocks him. After a suplex from Strong, Aerostar ducks a charge and starts to use his speed to go after Strong. But Strong eventually catches Aerostar on the top and hits a press slam. Strong applies the ankle lock and Aerostar taps. Strong refuses to break it until Drago comes out to stop him.

WINNER: Jake Strong- Mostly a squash win for Strong.

Wedding shower with the Worldwide Underground. Taya tells Johnny after the wedding next week he gets a Title shot. Ricky Mundo stops Johnny’s agent from entering. He rips on Ricky. Ricky’s creepy doll tells Ricky he can’t talk to Ricky like that. So then Ricky Mundo stabs Johnny’s agent to death with a pen. Fucking creepy dolls man. It is one of the few things that really creep me out.

Last Man or Machine Standing for the LU Championship: Pentagon Dark (c) vs Cage

They start brawling outside the ring. Cage rips Pentagon’s mask. Cage grabs something, I can’t tell what it is, and cuts open Pentagon’s head with it. Cage grabs a table and sets it up in the corner. Pentagon ducks a discus clothesline and hits a death valley driver through the table. Pentagon grabs a chair and smashes it over the head of Cage. Pentagon then hits a double stomp off the top onto Cage with the chair. They go to the outside where Cage blocks a superkick and hits a powerbomb into the railing. Cage takes some time setting up two tables and eats a garbage can shot from Pentagon.

Cage hits Pentagon a couple times with a garbage can lid. Cage then hits a superplex from the ropes to the outside through the double table setup. Cage grabs Pentagon and tosses him into the railing and sets up another table. They battle for position on the apron. Pentagon eventually hits another death valley driver through the table. Cage beats the count. He hits a discus clothesline and screwdriver back in the ring. Cage sets up a table then grabs a cinder block. But Pentagon hits him with a garbage can lid. Cage catches Pentagon with an enziguri kick. They go to the top where Pentagon hits a MEXICAN DESTROYER through the table off the top. Pentagon sets up chairs in the ring. Its a line of six of them. Pentagon then hits a package piledriver through them. Pentagon puts Cage’s arm in a chair and stomps it then breaks Cage’s arms. Cage starts to stir but Pentagon stomps him through the cinder block. Cage doesn’t answer the ten count.

WINNER and STILL Lucha Underground Champion: Pentagon Dark- Great brawl. Pentagon is a huge star in LU and the crowd loves him. I saw someone describe him as a “Lucha Stone Cold” and it is 100% right. He’s a badass that the crowd loves no matter how many rules he breaks. It is great to see him wrestle and as much as I love him, his character as is would never work in the WWE.

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