WWE RAW 8.27.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Making Kevin Owens Interesting Again

The booking of Kevin Owens has been quite questionable over the last couple months. Owens was essentially used to put over Braun Strowman. Braun threw Owens off the top of a cage and ladder. Then at SummerSlam, Braun squashed Owens. It wasn’t even a contest. Owens through his body around like a stunt dummy to make Braun look good. I figured this would have to lead to something for Owens since he did so much to his body. Owens lost his IC Title match on RAW then proceeded to “quit” and leave. It gets people talking about Owens again and wondering what the next step for him might be. You can’t turn him face because RAW is lacking heels. But you can do something with him to get him back up to the Universal Title picture.

2. The Sad, Sad State of the RAW Tag Team Division

Remember back in the mid 2000s or so when it was clear that Vince McMahon did not care about the tag team division at all? Well I would take that time over what we currently are experiencing on RAW. The Tag Team Champs are treated as a joke. The Revival were good in NXT but are considered nothing on RAW. Titus Worldwide is on the verge of breaking up. The Ascension jobbed to Lashley. And the Authors of Pain are nowhere to be found. Meanwhile over on Smackdown the tag team division is on fire and put on two quality main events in the last three weeks. If only the Usos were moved to RAW during the last shakeup. One team wouldn’t make a difference but it would help. This might be the worst state of the tag team division in the history of the WWE.

3. Did They Really Just Turn Braun Heel?

It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when Braun was the hottest act in the WWE. Many people wanted him to win the Universal Title at SummerSlam last year and then again at the Royal Rumble this year. Then the WWE did what it normally does and cools people off. And now? They just turned Braun heel. And I’m completely baffled by it. Why couldn’t you just do Braun vs Roman as a face vs face match? I know I just talked about the lack of heels on RAW but this turn makes no sense. And then he aligns with Ziggler and McIntyre? This just seems like a forced reuniting so we can have a six man tag down the line. To me this is all a result of the forced Shield reuniting to get Reigns cheered.

Other Notes

-Elias ain’t wrong about Toronto fans. As someone from Buffalo, Maple Leafs fans are the dirt worst.

-I might prefer Trish Stratus now over Trish back in her prime in WWE. Don’t @ me or whatever the kids say nowadays.

-The boo from the crowd when the Bellas said they would wrestle next week was quite hilarious.

-Sasha and Bayley need some story before the fans don’t care anymore. They are just there right now.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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