WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses w/ The Chairman 8.28.18

Here are this weeks hits and misses for Smackdown Live.


HIT: Charlotte Retains, But Isn’t Out of Trouble


Carmella invoked her rematch clause for this episode of Smackdown Live. Surprisingly this was a decent outing for Carmella. However no matter what she did, she couldn’t beat Charlotte Flair and win back the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship. Charlotte with a spear, Natural Selection, and Figure Eight took down Carmella once in for all. Charlotte’s celebration was short lived as Becky Lynch attacked her and made her presence felt. The fans of Toronto were clearly pro Becky chanting and cheering for her as she attacked Charlotte. Becky told Charlotte she’d see her at Hell in a Cell and even dropped the bitch word in the end of her promo. Still blows my mind the E thinks the fans are going to turn on Becky, because it isn’t happening.


MISS: Five Time Celebration


The show opened with New Day in the ring celebrating their fifth tag team title reign. They brought out former five time world champion King Booker. This was ten minutes I’ll never get back.


HIT: Bryan Meets Almas


Daniel Bryan and show hopper Brie Bella were in the ring talking about their problems with Miz and Maryse, all the sudden Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega showed up. Paige made the match and we got to see a dream match between Bryan and Almas. Sure it was just a small sample of course, but it was awesome. Of course Miz and Maryse crashed the party, but I for one would be on board with a long term Bryan and Almas feud.


MISS: Naomi Feuding With Billie and Peyton Isn’t Iconic


Not sure what the end game is here with Naomi feuding with the Iiconics, but it’s pretty meaningless. Naomi has now lost to both Iiconics in recent weeks in quick matches and it hasn’t helped anyone. It’s almost as if they were better off remaining not wrestling then what they’ve been given.


HIT: Samoa Joe the Backyard BBQ Guy


AJ Styles and Samoa Joe’s feud intensified tonight. Styles was in the ring cutting a promo, but all the sudden we see Joe backstage. Joe is on the phone with AJ Styles wife Wendy and talked about meeting up with her and their daughter. This set off AJ to pursue Joe backstage, but was unable to find him. Their clash at Hell in a Cell should be one of the best matches of the show.


MISS: Styles and Joe Left Out of the Cell


Blows my mind that considering how personal the build between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe is and what is it stake with the WWE Championship and this program hasn’t been given the Hell in a Cell stipulation. However Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton are getting a Hell in a Cell match? Sure they’ve had a good feud lately, but nowhere near the level of Styles and Joe. Now they very well could still get one, but with already two Hell in a Cell matches, it’s very unlikely we’d see a third.


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