WWE RAW 9.3.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Get Ready For Bella Twins Overload

Nikki and Brie returned to RAW tonight and beat the Riott Squad. The match was really sloppy. Brie especially looked out of place and then almost killed herself on a suicide dive. It made Big E’s dive look safe in comparison. But man, the way they shoved the Bellas on us was nauseating. First they said they were WWE Legends. Shawn Michaels was on his show. THAT is a legend. Then they had this cringe inducing entrance where they called them the stars of Total Divas and made them seem like the greatest women in WWE history. The Bellas are popular no doubt. But they are the exact opposite of the women’s evolution. Just because they are popular doesn’t mean Nikki should be main eventing Evolution against Ronda. This is going to be a painful two months building this match up.

2. RAWs Tag Team Division Gets A Shakeup

It looks like the WWE read my write up last week about the sad and sorry state of RAWs tag team division. The whole division got a shakeup this week. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable were put together as a tag team, which I am willing to give a shot. Then the Authors of Pain were given a new manager in Drake Maverick, which I don’t get. Maverick looked ridiculous in the AOP gear. Oh and there are new tag team Champions in Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, which is something I have been clamoring for over the last couple months. It still isn’t enough to get close to Smackdown Live’s tag team division. I will say it is a start though. But they also made the Revival look like geeks getting beat up by Ziggler and McIntyre backstage. I hope the Revival comes back with an edge next week.

3. Shawn Michaels Does What He Does: Steals the Show

I’ve been critical of all the build up to this Undertaker vs Triple H match in Australia. I don’t care about it and I really still don’t. But out comes Shawn Michaels who cuts a standard promo then the Undertaker comes out. HBK tells Undertaker he has stayed retired out of respect for Taker and that he is a man of his word. Then Taker asks if it is out of respect, or fear. I thought Taker cut a good promo saying he took a part of HBK and HHH’s souls and their egos can’t handle it. But guess what? Now I want to see HBK vs Taker rather than HHH vs Taker. I don’t think HBK is coming out of retirement. But that was the most I can remember them ever teasing it out of TV. Even during the Daniel Bryan stuff I can’t remember that happening. Plus if HBK did come back I would rather he fight an AJ Styles or Samoa Joe rather than Undertaker. But I thought this was an enjoyable segment and got people talking.

Random Notes

-See, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable as a team works and gets them on TV. But you just know one of them is turning in the weeks ahead.

-Alexa Bliss ripped on Columbus while wearing a special made Alexa Bliss shirt for being in Columbus tonight. Think ahead sometimes people.

-Dana Brooke quitting Titus Worldwide will lead to, um, something for her?

-So Kevin Owens quit for a week only to come back and feud with Lashley? Lame.

-The entire heel side needed to beat up The Shield? I would have been fine with a couple of them but did The Ascension, Drew Gulak and Mike Kanelis really need to be out there?

-Also does The Shield get arrested again for stealing a police van?

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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