Lucha Underground Review 9.5.18 w/Justin C

So we start with Catrina in Mil’s temple telling Mil that she’s done. Then Melissa Santos comes in and they have a, lets say C-level like action movie fight. They throw each other into some glass windows. After some more fighting Catrina runs up to the attic of Mil’s temple? Catrina trips Melissa when she gets up the stairs. There is an awful double kick. Melissa throws some water at Catrina then escapes an armbar. They go onto the roof and throw off their jackets and continue to fight. Catrina tries strangling Melissa with the necklace but Melissa tosses her over the roof and Catrina is hanging on to a pole. Mil comes to the roof and tells Melissa to leave. Mil grabs Catrina’s hand and hands her the stone and tells Catrina that it is something that she can remember him by.

We cut to Melissa standing over Catrina. Aerostar shows up and asks Melissa for the half necklace and tells Melissa that if she gives it to him she can have what her heart desires. Aerostar then does some weird hand gestures and sucks the soul of Fenix out of Catrina. Aerostar then goes back in time to when Catrina sucks the soul of Fenix out. Aerostar then gives Fenix his soul back and comes back to the present day with Fenix and Melissa is happy.

I’m writing this late at night and I swear I’m not drunk. Or stoned. This all happened.

Joey Wrestling vs Matanza

Antonio Cueto makes this match. It starts as a Matanza squash until Joey catches Matanza with a boot and a firemen’s carry cutter. Joey catches Matanza with a low blow then a pedigree but Matanza gets right up. Matanza hits a splash then the Wrath of the Gods for the win and boom, sacrifice.

WINNER: Matanza

Killshot vs Big Bad Steve

Killshot is wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants now so that means he is a heel. Oh wait he took his shirt off. Killshot lands a hard kick to the left knee of Steve then goes to work on it. Out comes Son of Havoc with a drink and some popcorn. Good guy Son of Havoc shares his popcorn with the fans. Killshot continues to work over the leg of Steve. Brenda keep saying “hit him with your hot rod” at ringside. What does that mean? Steve keeps asking for more and Killshot keeps hitting him. Steve ends up ducking a clothesline and hits a popup cutter then a powerbomb faceplant. They go to the top but Killshot escapes and hits two double stomps for the win.

WINNER: Killshot- That was a really long extended squash. Brenda is really annoying at ringside.

After the match Killshot goes up to Son of Havoc and knocks Havoc’s popcorn out of his hands. This triggers a brawl. Havoc ends up ripping off Killshot’s mask and Killshot covers his face and runs off.

Pentagon Dark comes out. He was suppose to wrestle Johnny Mundo tonight but the doctor won’t let him. So Pentagon says he wants to break some bones and tells anyone in the back who has the balls to come out and fight. Out comes Hernandez who says he would be Champ if Pentagon didn’t break his arm in Aztec Warfare (lol). Pentagon mocks Hernandez’s walk then accepts Hernandez’s challenge.

Lucha Underground Championship: Pentagon Dark (c) vs Hernandez

Pentagon hits two quick kicks then a hurricarrana to the outside then one on the outside. The poor people in the chairs are forced to move as Pentagon throws Hernandez into them. Pentagon hits some forearms on the apron but then hits a springboard shoulder tackle over the top and follows it with a dive over the top to the outside. Hernandez tries throwing Pentagon into the fans but the fans don’t move. If he was a real heel he would have just thrown Pentagon into the fans. Hernandez works over Pentagon back in the ring and keeps flipping off the fans. Pentagon catches Hernandez with a superkick then a slap to the chest. They go to the top where Hernandez knocks Pentagon off then hits a splash for two. Hernandez goes for another shoulder block dive but Pentagon superkicks him and hits the package tombstone for the win.

After the match Pentagon goes to break Pentagon’s arm but King Cuerno stops it. He attacks Pentagon and hits the Thrill of the Kill on the LU Title.

WINNER and STILL Lucha Underground Champion: Pentagon Dark

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