WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 9.11.18 w/ The Chairman

Hell in a Cell is this Sunday, but there’s still another Smackdown Live to go before we go to Hell. Here’s the hits and misses.


HIT: Crazed Fan Attacks Charlotte Flair


Charlotte defeated Sonya Deville in a tune up match before her title defense this Sunday at Hell in a Cell against Becky Lynch. Charlotte was seen taking a selfie with a fan when a fan with black hair and glasses attacked Charlotte. Sure enough though the wig and glasses came off and it was Becky Lynch. The crowd sure enough was behind Becky as she locked the Disarmer on Charlotte for a brief moment. Becky is dead set on beating Charlotte at Hell in a Cell and it’s going to be a great match.


MISS: Brie and Maryse the Main Event?


Clearly the Bella Evolution is getting shoved down our throats to the point its making Daniel Bryan unbearable just by association. The quicker this mixed tag feud between them and Miz and Maryse ends the better. There are so many more better stories going on in the world of Smackdown Live and this is what we have to see close the show. The Miz I’m hoping is the next challenger for the WWE Championship, if it were up to me Smackdown 1000 in five weeks. However everyone knows Miz and Bryan have at least one more date at Super Showdown so we’ll have to wait and see. Until then though, we’ll have to endure the mixed match action at least until Sunday.


HIT: Nakamura and Hardy Kickoff Smackdown Live Right


Shinsuke Nakamura was finally called upon to compete once again. Nakamura was set to face a familiar opponent in Jeff Hardy. This was possibly their best match yet and it was given plenty of time. Unfortunately we didn’t get a clear winner as Randy Orton got involved.  There was a bit of a scuffle between Orton and Hardy after the match while Shinsuke faded away back to obscurity. Orton and Hardy are set to face off inside Hell in a Cell this Sunday.


MISS: Asuka and Naomi Are Now Friends?


After Asuka saved Naomi last week in her recent struggles with the Iiconics, we witnessed a very strange backstage segment between the two. I don’t think anyone knows what to do with Asuka these days and now she’s just randomly going to be Naomi’s friend. To make matters worse, I’m not sure if they’re trying to turn Asuka into a comedy character because that would not be cool. Now sure they’ll face the Iiconics probably in a tag team match at some point, maybe they’ll beat the other villainous team of Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose as well, but then what? This is definitely not the Asuka I remember being dominant in NXT and pretty much her main roster run up until Wrestlemania when she suffered her first loss.


HIT: Andrade and R-Truth Plant a Seed


Their encounter may have been brief, but Andrade “Cien” Almas and R-Truth gave us a sample of what could be a solid midcard feud. Throw in the outside elements of Zelina Vega and Carmella and there could be a series of mixed tag matches in the works. I’m sure many recall Almas and Vega feuding with Rusev and Lana recently so I’m wondering if this how Almas and Vega are going to be booked going forward. I would really like to see Almas pursue a title myself, but as long as he’s getting television time, I’ll be content. Little disappointed we didn’t get any R-Truth backstage shenanigans, but clearly Smackdown Live had alot to get out there in a short window.


MISS: Has AJ Styles Time As Champ Run Out?


AJ Styles may be building a personal feud with Samoa Joe, but has his lack of wrestling on Smackdown Live hurting his title reign? It’s almost been a month since Styles took on Almas on a episode of Smackdown Live. Even then there hasn’t been a whole lot of wrestling from the champ. It may very well be time to change the champion and have AJ Styles take some time off to recover from injuries if that is in fact what is going on as some have speculated. Smackdown Live is strong enough for someone else to run as champion and give Styles time off. Of course petty Vince McMahon could have a personal vendetta of erasing CM Punk’s 434 day reign  as the longest reign in the modern era of the WWE Championship and since Styles just surpassed 300 plus days, he may go all in on this keeping Styles champion well into Royal Rumble season and beyond. Then again, Samoa Joe could very well take the championship this Sunday at Hell in a Cell.


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