Weekend Recap: WWE Super Showdown, NJPW Kings of Pro Wrestling, and McGregor/Khabib!

It was a busy weekend across the world of pro wrestling as the WWE ran a show from Australia early Saturday morning, New Japan ran a show this morning and of course the major UFC news from this past Saturday. Here are some of my quick thoughts on all of it!

1. I Never Need To See Triple H vs The Undertaker Ever Again

That was a tough match to watch. And because it is Triple H, he had to have the longest match on the card again. These two went 27 minutes in a match that was sloppy, boring, and tried to rely way too much on nostalgia. And now Shawn Michaels, a guy that hasn’t wrestling in over 8 years, is going to be the guy to carry this Brothers of Destruction vs D-X fight in Saudi Arabia. Triple H needs to just be the guy that runs NXT and everyone likes. He doesn’t need to be the guy that is having 25 minute matches. And The Undertaker needs to just retire. I think Triple H could still have a good match with the right person. But The Undertaker is as broken down as I have ever seen. Go out at Wrestlemania 35 and don’t come back.

2. Jay White Joining the Bullet Club OGs Is A Smart Move

Do you remember my reviews of the G1? I covered the A Block and had to watch every single Bad Luck Fale match end with some kind of interference from the Bullet Club OGs. I was so sick of it by the end that I pretty much wanted to skip every one of Fale’s matches (and I did skip the Tama Tonga matches when I watched B Block). But they’ve taken a bit of a turn to the positive in recent shows. And now adding Jay White is a great move for them. Jay White has been on fire ever since the G1. And his actions after the Tanahashi/Okada main event a few weeks ago were great. The Bullet Club OGs didn’t have a big singles star in their group. Adding White to the group gives them that. I now care about what the future holds for this group.

3. It Is Time To End The WWE Title Run of AJ Styles

AJ Styles has been great in the WWE. He has surpassed EVERYONE’S expectations. I don’t think anyone expected Styles to have close to a year long rung with the WWE Title. And I like the fact that the WWE has kept the Title on someone for that long. And Styles has had good matches in pretty much all of his Title defenses. But it has come to the point where the WWE needs to get the Title off Styles. Despite Styles being the WWE Champion, I’d argue he’s never really had the full spotlight that the WWE Champion normally gets. He’s going to be defending the WWE Title against Daniel Bryan at WWE Take Saudi Arabia’s Money, but I don’t think he loses it there. I still think The Miz is the guy that takes the Title off AJ. And it is probably the right move for the brand. Styles won’t get lost in the shuffle either.

4. Wrestle Kingdom 13 Takes Shape

With Kings of Pro Wrestling in the rear view mirror, it looks like Wrestle Kingdom 13’s card is taking shape. With Hiroshi Tanahashi beating Jay White, he will take on Kenny Omega in the main event for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Okada vs Jay White seems like a lock. With Chris Jericho returning to attack EVIL, I expect EVIL vs Jericho for the IWGP Intercontinental Title. It could still be Naito as well. But I think we are more likely to see Naito vs Zack Sabre Jr. at Wrestle Kingdom. I think you get Cody vs Kota Ibushi for the US Title. That’s a pretty solid top of the card for your biggest show of the year.

5. The UFC Has No One But Themselves to Blame for What Happened at UFC 229

Let me start by saying I absolutely hate Conor McGregor. And I was rooting for Khabib to win their fight. With that said, I don’t condone what happened at the end of the show. But it was something that was building up in the entire buildup to this fight. I think two people said it best in Dave Meltzer and Daniel Cormier:

While Khabib and his guys jumping McGregor wasn’t good, neither was McGregor and his crew flying from Ireland to New York to try and attack Khabib. And McGregor wasn’t punished for it. McGregor constantly attacked Khabib’s family and religion in the buildup to the fight. And for Dana White to play this off as McGregor being an innocent victim is ridiculous. The UFC used the dolly incident to buildup this fight and they should have expected this outcome. If Dillon Danis was calling Khabib a terrorist and trash talking him from the corner the whole fight, I might have done the same thing Khabib did. Eventually this whole thing is going to blow over. But this whole mess could have been avoided if the UFC and Dana White didn’t put themselves in this position to start.

Other Notes From the Weekend

-The WWE trying to book Becky Lynch as a heel in her match with Charlotte is quite ridiculous. Give it up guys, we’ve reached Roman Reigns territory now.

-I don’t really know anything about Shingo Takagi, but enough people I trust have said he will be a great addition to the group so I’m excited.

-Perhaps the biggest victim from everything that happened at UFC 229 was Derrick Lewis. Pretty much everyone forgot his “CUZ MY BALLS WAS HOT” line.

-Just how long is the WWE going to drag out the tease of a Shield breakup? If they try to do it all the way to Wrestlemania I think they are going to get people not to care by then.

-I can’t believe the WWE gave Buddy Murphy and The IIconis win in their home country. Are we sure Vince McMahon booked this show?

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