WWE RAW 10.8.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. I’m All For A Bobby Lashley/Kevin Owens Double Turn

It appeared that the WWE started a double turn with these two during their match tonight. Of course, it could just be the WWE playing up to the Chicago crowd. But they had Lio Rush on the mic all match being annoying as ever. Then after, Lio got Lashley to go back and attack Kevin Owens. Lashley has struggled on the main roster and a heel turn would help him out tremendously. And if they are going to turn KO face I’m fine with it. But they should make him a Becky Lynch like heel where he lets the crowd cheer him and acknowledges it. Don’t have become a kiss ass all of the sudden with corny promos. Just don’t let Lio Rush have the mic every week. If they do it’ll make him have go away heat sooner rather than later.

2. Well, We’ve Finally Arrived At the Bellas Heel Turn

After the rematch from the six woman tag from the Super Showdown, Nikki and Brie turned on Ronda Rousey. It might have been the weakest attack I’ve seen in quite some time. Nikki and Brie could barely throw proper kicks and punches. And Brie landed right on her head when Ronda threw her by the arm. I don’t think it’ll be both Bellas against Ronda at Evolution. If it is that is a dumb move by the WWE. But so is Nikki vs Ronda. Now I said the same thing about Nia Jax vs Ronda and that still surprised me. But Nikki coming back and getting a Title shot still rubs me the wrong way. The WWE better map this match out move by move. Otherwise, we are in for a sloppy match come Evolution.

3. Just How Long Are We Going To Tease A Shield Breakup? 

Another week and Dean Ambrose takes a loss and walks away from Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns after the match. How long is this going to go on before something actually happens? The WWE can’t keep doing this every week. If they do, people are going to start to get bored of it really quick. The WWE started doing this way too soon. They should have just let The Shield do their thing for a few months. Instead they went right to the breakup well. If they do it every week, the actual moment when Dean (or Seth or Roman) turns just won’t have the same impact because it was teased for so long.

Other Notes

-That battle royal segment might have been the best thing Baron Corbin has ever done in the WWE.

-I feel more sad than happy watching this D-X vs Brothers of Destruction stuff and I really didn’t want to feel that way watching Shawn Michaels wrestle again.

-Okay WWE, you obviously must be reading this site and listening to our podcast. I suggested the Trish/Lita vs Mickie/Alexa match WEEKS AGO.

-Looks like we are going to get all Paul Heyman trying to sell this Universal Title fight in Saudi Arabia.

-Another week where I tell you that Drew McIntyre is going to be $$$ for the WWE in 2019.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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