WWE Smackdown Live 10.30.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

Justin C here. I had the unfortunate duty of being at the Bills game last night. It’s my curse as a Bills fan. Thanks to the Chairman for filling in for me last night. So I’m here to recap Smackdown!

1. Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles Deliver

Well that was a nice unexpected surprise to start Smackdown. With Daniel Bryan not going to WWE Crown Jewel, the WWE had to find a way out of their Title match. So they went ahead and had Styles and Bryan want to fight tonight and sure enough they did! It was a great match that everyone should go out of their way and see. And best of all it happened in front of a crowd that actually appreciated the match and was into it the entire time. I do worry, however, that Daniel Bryan will find his way down the card after his refusal to go to Crown Jewel. But it is a wait and see approach when it comes to that. Kind of like most of Daniel Bryan’s run.

2. Becky Lynch Says A Little But Delivers

The Champ only came out and said a few words on Smackdown tonight. But she definitely packed a punch with her delivery. Becky said that when everyone steps into the ring with Ronda Rousey they are already defeated but that isn’t her style. And at Survivor Series she is going to rip Ronda’s arm off. I hope Ronda and Becky have a face to face before Survivor Series because I want to see these two have a promo exchange. I think Ronda is going to win and I’m going to have to accept it. But Becky is on another level right now with her game.

3. Crown Jewel Don’t Care

Am I suppose to care about the World Cup to determine the Best in the World? What does the winner get? I really don’t even care if the person that reaches the Smackdown final gets fired. This is going to be just like the Greatest Royal Rumble where Braun got a trophy and a Title. In the end it didn’t mean jack and so will this trophy. If it was for a future World Title shot? Then maybe I care. But under these circumstances I couldn’t care less who wins and what happens after it.

Other Notes

-No one knew who The Brood was when The New Day came out dressed as them but I liked it so I popped.

-I can already see the seeds of the Charlotte Redemption story being planted by her not accepting the captaincy for the women’s team for Team Smackdown at Survivor Series.

-Still not sick of the Dance Breaks. Mostly because I can watch Carmella dance all night.

-I would rather have less Shane and more Paige. I hate that he came back.

-My guess is Samoa Joe is a Crown Jewel stop gap for the WWE Title. Can’t be more than a one off.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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