Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Cuatro Review 11.7.18

Johnny Mundo is in the locker room with the gauntlet. He tells Taya that he is going to practice some more with it. Mundo leaves and Taya looks at Ricky Mundo’s creepy doll. Then it posses her? Or attacks her? I don’t know.

2 Out Of 3 Falls: El Dragon Azteca Jr vs Fenix

They exchange slaps to the chest early on. El Dragon lands some kicks but Fenix rolls into a cutter. El Dragon counters a blocked hurricarrana into a Mexican Destroyer for two. El Dragon hits a dive to the outside. He misses a senton and eats a boot from Fenix. But El Dragon hits a boot of his own. Fenix catches El Dragon with an uppercut on the turnbuckle. Fenix hits him with a package driver and gets the first fall.

***Fenix Up 1-0***

Fenix sets up a chair in the corner then a table on the outside. El Dragon moves out of the way of a Fenix charge and hits a kick to the head then a DDTJ to get the next fall.

***Tied 1-1***

Antonio Cueto comes out and makes the next fall able to count anywhere. El Dragon turns around right into a Fenix chair shot. Back from commercial they battle for position on the ropes. El Dragon kicks Fenix off and lands face first on the table. El Dragon throws Fenix into the announce table. We cut to a shot of a worried Melissa Santos and her D-Level acting. Fenix hits a German suplex on the floor and gets another table. Back in the ring El Dragon hits an enziguri kick. And we quickly end up back outside where after an exchange of slaps El Dragon hits a DDTJ. They start to brawl up into the fans. El Dragon ends up hitting a hurricarrana off the railing through a table. It looked awkward because it was quite obvious they were both trying to balance themselves and set it up before it happened. Bad editing.

Fenix catches El Dragon with a palm strike leaping back in to the ring. Fenix puts El Dragon on the table and goes for a swanton but the table doesn’t break because Fenix slightly overshoots it. Back in the ring they fight on the top rope and El Dragon hits a hurricarrana driver through the table. Vampiro calls this one of the best matches he’s ever seen. The lie detector says that’s a lie.

Melissa Santos gets on the apron and tells El Dragon that they are friends and that that isn’t Fenix, and he immediately turns into a chair shot. Fenix spears El Dragon through the table then hits the Blackbird Driver for the win.

WINNER: Fenix- That was kind of a mess. There were a handful of sloppy spots and Melissa Santos just can’t act for the life of her. Why have I been so disappointed in all of these matches so far? Melissa Santos can’t even make the announcement.

Antonio Cueto comes out and says Melissa Santos won’t come back tonight. But he made a deal with a blockbuster talent and Lucha royalty. And out comes Shaul Guerrero. Okay then.

Famous B comes out and says he is the only special guest ring announcer in Lucha Underground. And he doesn’t know Shaul or her family and she should leave. Shaul lists her family history and my god she has the most over the top facial expressions. Shaul isn’t leaving so Famous B says he will make her. Chavo comes out and then Shaul ends up hitting the three amigos and Chavo hits a Frog splash.

Death Match: The Mack vs Mil Muertes

Mil wheels out a casket. Mil catches Mack with a clothesline but Mil comes back with a flying knee. Mack hits a running senton to the outside. Mil ends up dropping Mack on the apron then goes and gets another casket and face plants Mack on it. Mil lands some shots in the corner but Mack moves out of the way of a charge and drops Mil and starts a comeback. Mack opens up one of the caskets that has a handful of weapons in it. Mack takes them out but Mil charges at him with a dive to the outside.

Mil grabs an ax and tries to kill Mack. Mack blocks it then goes for one of his own but Mil ducks and hits a spear. Mil grabs an ice pick and cuts Mack open. Mack ducks a clothesline and hits a spinning heel kick. Mack sets a garbage can up in Mil’s face seated in the corner and hits a coast to coast for two. Mil hits a chokeslam but Mack then moves out of the way of a charge. Mack rips at Mil’s mask on the outside and uses a kendo stick.

Mack gets the upper hand back in the ring. He hits a standing moonsault but then runs right into a powerslam. Mil hits a Flatliner for two and is bleeding pretty heavy. Mack blocks a chokeslam and hits two stunners. He then grabs a brick and slams it over Mil’s head. He huts one more stunner for the win.

Mack then puts Mil in the remaining casket and dumps beer over him before closing it.

WINNER: The Mack- Okay that was a fun match. That was one of those matches where if this was Wrestlemania you would think Mack was in line for a push after this. It was Mack overcoming his “fear” and the odds to get the win and it was a good story being told.

Sacrifice to the Gods Match: Johnny Mundo vs Matanza Cueto

Matanza comes out dressed like an ancient Aztec god. And it is a whole new look to his in ring gear that I don’t like. It takes the killer away from him. Mundo chokes Matanza with the gauntlet. Matanza rips off the gauntlet and throws it to the stairs. Matanza hits a handful of backdrops. Mundo blocks the Wrath of the Gods with Moonlight Driver. Mundo hits the End of the World for two. They go to the top where Matanza hits a front flip on Mundo. They go to the outside where Mundo tries getting the gauntlet but Matanza tosses it to the ceiling. Mundo runs up to get and tries doing some parkour to get there. But Matanza grabs him on the last jump and tosses him into the wall.

They get to the top above the elevator and Matanza throws him through it. They play like the match is over and Matanaza’s music plays. But Mundo comes out of the elevator with the gauntlet and punches Matanza. Mundo lands a couple punches but Matanza catches him with the Wrath of the Gods but Mundo kicks out. Mundo lands some more punches and then goes to the top, flips off Antonio and hits a punch with the gauntlet with a corny sound effect and gets the win.

WINNER: Johnny Mundo- Match was fine. I think the gauntlet thing is kind of corny but I guess if it helps get Mundo over for the win then that’s fine.

Aerostar comes back and asks for the gauntlet back. He tells Johnny that if he wears the gauntlet any longer he will be nothing but a shell inhabited by a god. Mundo gives it back.

Cero Miedo Match for the Lucha Underground Championship: Marty “The Moth” Martinez (c) vs Pentagon Dark

Pentagon throws a chair at Marty coming down to the ring then throws him into the wooden chairs. Marty gets thrown into the ringpost and is already busted open. Marty gets brained with a garbage can and then thrown into more chairs. Marty eats a superkick but then ducks a charge and hip tosses Pentagon into a table. Marty lands a couple of kendo stick shots then grabs a lunch box. He eats some beef jerky then grabs a fork and drives it into Pentagon’s forehead. On the outside Marty throws a bunch of chairs on Pentagon. But Pentagon gets up and throws a chair at Marty’s head then hits a piledriver.

Both men go back into the ring and Marty lands a low kick. Marty puts Pentagon in a tree of woe and puts a garbage can over his head. Marty grabs the barbed wire baseball bat and slams it into the garbage can. Marty douses Pentagon with gasoline but Pentagon knocks the lighter out of his hand. Pentagon then hip tosses Marty over the top through a table. They go back to the outside where there just happens to be a pan of glass. Both men fight near it then Pentagon tosses Marty through it. Pentagon sets up six chairs in the ring and hits a Package Piledriver through them for the win.

WINNER and NEW Lucha Underground Champion: Pentagon Dark- Good lord, what a brawl. Marty took a beating in the match and was bleeding like a stuffed pig. That was brutal.

Reklusa comes down and beats on Pentagon for a bit. Vampiro then comes into the ring and scares her off. Vampiro hands the Title to Pentagon then attacks him. They brawl until a mini like Pentagon comes out. Vampiro says it is his master. He attacks Pentagon then hits a standing shooting star press off the overhang onto Pentagon then a corkscrew splash in the ring.

Jake Strong comes out. He says Cueto said he can cash in whenever he wants.

Lucha Underground Championship: Pentagon Dark (c) vs Jake Strong

Strong applies the ankle lock and breaks Pentagon’s ankle. Pentagon passes out and Strong wins.

WINNER and NEW Lucha Underground Champion: Jake Strong- LOL! Like, I thought they were building up to Strong vs Pentagon here early in the season. But then they did the Marty thing. And then they just do a cheap ending like this? Ugh.

Aerostar meets with El Dragon and King Cuerno. They talk about the gauntlet being too strong. El Dragon takes it and Aerostar tells him to be quick. We then see Black Lotus with the gauntlet. She tells Matanza that she knows he killed her parents. She then beats on Matanza with the gauntlet until she rips his heart out! El Dragon takes it back, but then gets his ankle broken by Jake Strong. Strong says it doesn’t belong to him, it belongs to us!

And now it is clear Taya was possessed by the doll. Mundo is ready to go on their honeymoon. But Taya says she isn’t his wife anymore, and she attacks Johnny. Taya says she is a god.

Antonio meets with Agent Winter and Vampiro’s new master and the big boss. Strong comes back in with the Title and says that is Matanza’s blood. The boss says Matanza was a worthy sacrifice. He then appears and it is Wade Barrett and he says “anyone else have any bad news?” Ha. Barrett says it is time to take over the world.

And now we cut back to Dario’s funeral. After Antonio leaves, Aerostar comes back with the medallion and resurrects Dario!

It sucks to have a cliff hanger like that. There were reports this week that Season 4 may be the last for LU. If that is so, this has been a wild and fun ride. Lucha Underground was different and crazy and unique. It was a nice break from the norm that is pro wrestling. I thought this season was probably the worst in terms of story and match quality, and that is evident by the budget mentioned in the above linked interview. It was a weak ending with Strong winning, even if they tied it into the overall big storyline.

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