WWE RAW 11.26.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. The Lack Of A Big Time Star On RAW Shows

If there is one thing to take away from tonight’s RAW is that without the likes of Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar, everyone on the show is treated as being equal. Seth Rollins is close to breaking out on a big time star but he needs that breakout moment still. Of course this is how the WWE books people nowadays. Unless you’re a former star or someone that the WWE wants to make the face of the company, they don’t care. RAW is currently lacking that star to build the show around. Everyone is treated as being the same and no one is made to look like a big time star. And until the WWE takes the initiative to book people as stars RAW is going to struggle to gain and maintain viewers.

2. Meanwhile, The RAW Women’s Division Is In Shambles

Boy, where do we start here? Ronda Rousey is clearly positioned as above everyone. After that? Nia Jax is still awful and nowhere near deserving of the push she is getting. Sasha Banks and Bayley are just kind of floundering waiting for something to happen. Poor Ember Moon is stuck with Alicia Fox. The Riott Squad are jokes. So is Natalya, who gets beaten up at every turn by the Riott Squad. This is a little different than what I said above. It’s clear Ronda is the star of this division. So they have that. The problem is everyone below her has no momentum or any reason for people to care. RAW continues to be in shambles and the women’s division is no different.

3. Baron Corbin Overload

Corbin is lucky I have Nia Jax to worry about being so awful. It takes away some of my attention from Baron Corbin. Last week, the man was involved in the first hour of the show. This week, we had to deal with a 20 minute Corbin main event. And Corbin looks like he will be the focus of RAW going forward in the next few weeks with his GM job on the line. He’s fine in small doses, but Corbin should never be the biggest focus of your entire show. You can’t even prop him up with the likes of Drew McIntyre and Lashley. It doesn’t do him any favors. This goes to my first thought of RAW having no one to elevate to the top of the card with the absence of top stars. I’m going to have to start drinking again during RAW if I have to deal with this much Corbin the next few weeks.

Other Notes

-It is so sad that the WWE turned Dean Ambrose into just another heel who rips on the city they are in.

-Imagine turning on RAW for the first time and seeing Drake Maverick pee on Bobby Roode’s robe.

-Did you hear that crowd deflate when Dolph Ziggler answered Seth Rollins open challenge?

-Poor Drew McIntyre. He got rid of the Dolph Ziggler stink and now has Baron Corbin stink.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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