WWE Smackdown Live 1.8.19 Hits and Misses w/ The Chairman

After a few weeks of taped episodes due to the holidays, Smackdown Live is back to being well live again. Here’s what happened tonight in Jacksonville.


HIT: Summerslam Rematch to Determine #1 Contender

Last year at Summerslam, Carmella brought the Smackdown Live Women’s title to the show to defend against Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. Charlotte ended up leaving with the title which sparked a fire under Becky Lynch and the world is still burning because of it. Tonight however it was Becky’s hand raised in victory and she officially is the number one contender to challenge Asuka at the Royal Rumble. We should be in for an interesting few weeks as this match gets built. Charlotte and Carmella meanwhile will more than likely join the Royal Rumble in a attempt to punch their ticket to Wrestlemania.


HIT: Daniel Bryan is Angry

Smackdown Live started with Daniel Bryan in the concession area with the fans just going on about anything and everything. Ripping on the fans for their poor choices of diet. Ripping on the fans for buying AJ Styles merchandise. Bryan then of course goes on a rant about AJ Styles, his opponent at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship. Bryan of course was ambushed by R-Truth before their match got underway. Bryan however made quick work of Truth. AJ Styles though made sure to get some blows in on the champ as well tonight which sent Bryan home in a foul mood.


HIT: Usos Wrestling For a Title Shot

The Usos were featured in a match against the Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions The Bar and if the Usos could defeat the Bar, then they would get a title shot. Earlier in the show, The Miz was upset that him and Shane McMahon weren’t challenging for the titles. This match got a decent amount of time, however it was Mandy Rose that ruined the Usos chances here. Mandy came out and caused a distraction asking Jimmy is he seen her clothes. Sure enough the Bar managed to defeat the Usos knocking them out of a potential title shot. Backstage Naomi went after Mandy and Sonya Deville meaning this whole random adultery storyline is going full throttle.


MISS: Miz and Shane Get a Tag Team Title Shot

So the Usos had to defeat the champs to get a title shot. Miz however walks down to the ring after the match and challenges the Bar and automatically gets one? Sure the Miz got Brogue Kicked by Sheamus for his troubles, but how come they don’t have to wrestle anybody to earn the title shot? Either or at the Royal Rumble we’re getting The Bar vs Miz and Shane McMahon. The Miz could’ve been a great addition to the Royal Rumble match, but odds of him appearing there are slim now that he’s getting stuck in this Shane McMahon storyline and anybody that’s a wrestling fan can already see the writing on the wall and who Miz faces at Wrestlemania this year.


HIT: Andrade “Cien” Almas Scores a Huge Pinfall

Around this time last year, Almas was the NXT Champion on the verge of giving us a five star classic against Johnny Gargano at NXT Takeover. Once Almas was called to the main roster, he’s been in the ring with some of the top superstars of Smackdown Live. However Almas hasn’t racked up as many wins as he probably would’ve liked. Things changed tonight though as he joined forces with Samoa Joe to face Rey Mysterio and Mustafa Ali. It’s great seeing Ali get featured on a regular basis since he was added to the roster by the way. Highlight of this match was seeing Almas and Mysterio towards the end. There was even a Canadian Destroyer in this sequence! Almas however was the one that secured the victory over Mysterio. Not sure if a singles match between the two is in the future, but I’d be interested.


HIT: Nakamura Even Getting  Utilized 

Shinsuke Nakamura’s run as United States Champion was probably one of the more forgettable things in 2018. However his vendetta against Rusev for taking the title has been written to perfection. Rusev came out accusing Nakamura for injuring Lana, but then Nakamura is in the TV truck and shows the clip from last week where Rusev kicked Nakamura with Lana on his back causing her fall. Nakamura wasn’t coming to the ring so Rusev went backstage looking for him and all Rusev found was a brutal attack at the hands of Nakamura. I’m going to say this now though, we better see Shinsuke Nakamura in the Royal Rumble match being he was the winner last year. I highly doubt he’s going to win back to back years, but it’d be pretty poor writing not having the winner of last year’s Rumble match at least try going back to back.


Overall a decent episode of Smackdown Live. Things are definitely coming together for the Royal Rumble for the superstars of Tuesdays. With that, thanks for reading and as always follow my Twitter @ChairmanSV for the latest because there is definitely alot of wrestling news right now.