WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses w/ The Chairman 2.5.19

HIT: The Man Doesn’t Care About Suspension

Last night on Raw, Becky Lynch was suspended indefinitely by Stephanie McMahon until she sees a doctor regarding her knee. Charlotte Flair kicked off Smackdown Live, but it wasn’t long until the Man came around. Triple H didn’t waste any time getting to the ring stopping something before it became something. He sent Charlotte to the back telling her this didn’t concern her. Becky and Triple H stood face to face. Triple H reminded Becky she was suspended and to go home. Becky of course asked Triple H how Stephanie was doing and if she seen a doctor. This set Triple H off on a rant about Becky being afraid of Ronda and failing so she’s faking the knee injury. Becky slaps Triple H and leaves moments later. Becky doesn’t trust the powers to be in WWE and she shouldn’t.


MISS: Asuka and the Smackdown Women’s Championship

It’s clear Charlotte wants Becky Lynch’s spot at Wrestlemania to face the Raw Women’s Champion. Many fans do not want to see Charlotte involved in the Becky Lynch Ronnie match at Wrestlemania. There are fears this could end up being a three way dance. It’s almost as if nobody cares about Asuka and the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship all the sudden. She hasn’t been on television since winning the title at Royal Rumble and most likely won’t have a program going into Elimination Chamber. The rest of the Smackdown Live Women’s roster is involved in the chase for the Women Tag Team Championship. The smart thing would to be have Asuka and Charlotte meet again at Wrestlemania so Asuka can try to avenge her loss from last year. There is literally nobody else you could pair Asuka with. The only other option would be a multi women match which they’ve done in the past. Guess we’ll see….


HIT: The Men’s Elimination Chamber Participants Getting Physical

We seen a few solid matches on the road to the Chamber. Randy Orton defeated Mustafa Ali in a great match. Orton delivered a vicious RKO outta nowhere to get the win. Samoa Joe however made his move after the match and attacked both men. Samoa Joe returned during Jeff Hardy and Daniel Bryan’s match in the main event as well. AJ Styles backstage seen enough and made his presence felt as well. Bryan of course at one point addressed the crowd saying he was going to be the champion forever and nobody deserved the title. Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles had a brief conversation backstage that got heated which makes me excited for a potential match. Crazy enough there’s only next week’s Smackdown before the Elimination Chamber match between these six men.


MISS: The Smackdown Live Women’s Tag Team Division

There’s clearly a lack of depth in the Smackdown Live Women’s Division and it’s showing. Outside of Becky, Charlotte, and Asuka there hasn’t been anyone built up to become a legit threat to the featured championship. Now we’re supposed to believe teams such as the Iiconics, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville, and the recent throw together of Naomi and Carmella can compete against the likes of Sasha Banks and Bayley or even Nia Jax and Tamina? Mandy Rose has been clearly getting pushed as of late stealing another victory tonight over Naomi, but I’m skeptical where this ends up regarding the Elimination Chamber. I have my doubts about this match coming up, especially with the lack of star power.


HIT: Will Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura Become a Long Term Team?

Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura teamed up tonight to take on Gallows and Anderson and were sure enough victorious. The question is does this team of Rusev and Nakamura stick together or was it a one off thing like they said last week. Unless they’re going to both try to regain the United States Championship from R-Truth, them teaming together could be a good thing. Nakamura hasn’t had a great run with his heel turn and for some unknown reason the E turned Rusev heel again, but maybe these two together could make for some interesting television. The Smackdown Live tag team division needs fresh teams and I’m not talking about Miz and Shane McMahon either.


MISS: Elimination Chamber’s Lack of Card Depth

We just had the Royal Rumble and now we’re already closing in on the Elimination Chamber. We literally have one episode of Raw and Smackdown Live left and that’s it. We only have four matches on the card and one belongs to 205 Live (Buddy Murphy vs Akira Tozawa). At least Smackdown has provided some substance with the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship and the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship match between Miz and Shane vs the Usos. Raw has literally nothing on the table other than provided some women tag teams for the Elimination Chamber match. You know damn well we won’t be getting a Universal Championship match. The Raw Tag Team division is so horrible it doesn’t deserve pay per view. Sure we’ll probably get Lashley vs Finn Balor for the IC title. Maybe R Truth defends the United States Championship in a triple threat against Rusev and Nakamura? Then you realize alot of key players such as Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins probably won’t be wrestling because of injuries. This is shaping up to be a complete dumpster fire pay per view and there’s still Fast Lane in March.

That being said, the WWE landscape hasn’t been very exciting outside of Becky Lynch these days. Very concerning with Wrestlemania coming and you know Fox has their eyes on the product as well. If ratings don’t improve, I could see this Fox deal being scrapped. With that, follow my twitter @ChairmanSV and keep it here at HTC Wrestling for the latest.