WWE Elimination Chamber 2.17.19: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. The WWE Needs More Buddy Murphy

It really sucks in a way that Buddy Murphy was stuck on the preshow. But in a way it is also good because it gives him more time to show off his skills and have a longer match. Murphy once again showed that he is one of the best wrestlers in the world in his match with Akira Tozawa. The crowd is normally cool once the Cruiserweight matches start. But a handful of minutes in they always warm up to it. And hopefully this means more people start to seek out Buddy Murphy on 205 Live. I know I need to watch more of his stuff. And I really hope he starts getting some time on either RAW or Smackdown soon because the guy should get more of a spotlight then 205 Live.

2. The Women’s Chamber Match Surprises

Okay, this match wasn’t a show stealer or anything. It wasn’t anywhere over three stars. But the match itself was what I call perfectly acceptable wrestling. If you listened to the HTCWrestling Podcast this week, you know I expected this match to be a complete cluster fuck. But I was pleasantly surprised by it. The match flowed quite well, there weren’t any noticeable fuck ups and everyone had a moment or two to shine (outside of Carmella and Naomi). After the shit Sasha Banks and Bayley went through over the last year, these two deserved this moment here. I thought they would save it for Wrestlemania but I’m fine with it happening now. I would have preferred the Riott Squad but I can live with this. Now give me Kairi/Io vs Sasha/Bayley at Wrestlemania.

3. Becky Lynch Can Do No Wrong

This was pretty much the case anyways, but Becky came off as a complete badass in that post match segment against Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. Becky demolished both of them with crutches and the crowd ate it up. Becky got a couple good shots in on Ronda and left a gash on the side of her head. Becky was taken away by security in what was possibly her most Stone Cold moment yet. I still won’t make that comparison but this was the closest it has come so far in my opinion. I’m not worried about Becky getting the upperhand so much yet. There is still plenty of time for Ronda and Charlotte to get the better of her leading into Wrestlemania. But after my initial hesitation on Monday, Smackdown and tonight were both good followups to this angle.

4. Can We Just Stop With Baron Corbin?

I mean seriously, what do we have to do? Is there a sacrifice we can make or something? What Does Baron Corbin have on Vince McMahon? There has to be something. Baron Corbin might be the worst wrestler in the WWE yet he somehow just beat Braun Strowman. Sure it was with the help of Lashley and Drew McIntyre, but it still should never happen. Vince took Braun out of the Rumble match because he didn’t want Braun losing to Brock again. But you are cool with Baron Corbin having a pinfall victory over him? It just goes to show you how stupidly inconsistent the WWE is when it comes to their booking. They have no clue how to book the midcard of the WWE and it is quite evident when they continue to rely on Baron Corbin to elevate it.

5. Give Me More Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan

If you have listened to the HTCWrestling Podcast you know I have been very critical of New Day over the last year. I was just growing tired of their act and always wanted them to be more serious or possibly even turn heel. Well tonight Kofi made a believer out of me. Kofi’s performance is exactly what I wanted to see out of the New Day for the last year. Show that they can have a serious side. There were some great nearfall sequences between Kofi and Bryan. I was not expecting Kofi to kick out of the running knee. With who is facing Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania wide open, it is the perfect time to slip in Kofi and give him that chance. I think it’ll be AJ Styles vs Randy Orton. Maybe we get Rey vs Andrade. Please do not bring back Bray Wyatt in that spot. The stars are aligning for Kofi to get into that spot, and he earned it after tonight’s performance.

Random Notes

-Of course right when I’m warming up to the Lashley/Lio Rush pairing they have Lio get pinned and Lashley beat him up afterwards.

-It’s a travesty how badly the Riott Squad is being treated. They couldn’t have given Ruby Riott a little offense against Ronda?

-I guess Lacey Evans saw Corey Graves then decided to walk back?

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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