WWE RAW 2.18.19: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. The Fall of Braun Strowman

Remember like six months ago when Braun Strowman was considered by many to be the guy to dethrone Brock Lesnar and win the Universal Title? Boy has that gone away. Strowman is now just another guy on the WWE roster. And that plays into the larger part of the booking of this company. No one is made to stand out as a star unless you do it on your own. Tonight’s RAW exposed so many problems with the current WWE that it isn’t close to funny. Braun is not part of the 50/50 booking club. He lost at Elimination Chamber but won on RAW. But he is just another guy now after being the most over guy in the WWE in 2018.

2. These NXT Call-Ups Made Zero Sense

Okay. I have no problem with any of these NXT guys. Trust me, I would love to see Alesiter Black, Ricochet, Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa wrestle great matches every week. But it is quite evident watching RAW tonight that won’t be the case. RAW tonight showed that there really isn’t a story with any of these guys. They literally just called these four up for no reason. It ruins the NXT brand. It was weird seeing Ciampa act as a babyface when he was booked as a complete asshole on NXT during his entire run as Champ the last year. But they rushed everything to TV because they wanted to shake things up and think outside the box. That just goes to show you how this company has no idea how to think ahead and plan an actual good story.

3. This Show Is Reaching WCW Levels

There is not one good thing coming out of this show. Zero. And if you check out social media online you will see the same. A show that is a follow up to the PPV is suppose to mean something. But instead we got two rematches from that same PPV. We had NXT callups with no story to them. We had squash matches with no purpose. We had a completely dead crowd. There was no flow in any of the stories told at all. It is a good thing that this company is going to make a ton of money with their TV deals. Otherwise they could be looking at profit losses and cancellations. I wonder if their ratings on FOX tank just how bad it will get. This might have been the worst RAW in a few years, and that is saying something.

Other Notes

-So Baron Corbin now has no friends all of a sudden?

-I have no problem with Lacey Evans but can she do something other than just walk up and down the ramp?

-Trying to figure out these Kevin Owens videos is hard. I don’t know if he is suppose to be a face or heel.

-Glad to see they followed up Sasha Banks and Bayley’s big win yesterday with a long, drawn out promo that pretty much meant nothing in the end.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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