WWE RAW 3.4.19: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Good Job Killing My Interest In The Triple H/Batista Feud

So Triple H came out on RAW tonight and cut a super serious, half shoot promo on Batista. He brought up Ric Flair’s real name, Richard Fliehr. Triple H said Batista will face the man, not the character. Yadda yadda yadda. This was not the route they needed to take with this feud. It doesn’t get me to want to cheer Triple H one bit. He does not play this role well. I wanted them to make this a blood feud but this wasn’t the way to go about it. Batista also played basic heel 101 which was lazy. It was a bad start to the program and I don’t know how this is going to get any better going forward.

2. We Are Reaching “nWo Reunion” Levels When It Comes To The Shield

How many times does the WWE need to go down this route? Once again we are getting another Shield reunion and the WWE is going to drain this until no one cares anymore. I’m happy that Roman Reigns came back but I did not need it to be for this. Come the Superstar Shakeup in April, the WWE really needs to split these three up and not have them interact for quite some time. Even for the two that will remain on the same show, just keep them apart. Of course I’m going off the rumors that Dean Ambrose is now staying. When factions break up, they need to stay apart for years before they get back together. But the WWE doesn’t realize that and they only care about the short term. So that means going back to one of the few things that was successful for them over the last few years constantly.

3. It’s About Time They Did This With Ronda

Last week it seemed like the WWE was going to try and make Ronda a babyface in this entire triple threat program. Now after the Twitter shenanigans from this past week, Ronda was going full Vince Russo. And tonight she pretty much took the dive into the heel turn route by attacking Becky Lynch and leaving her beaten. She still rushed through her entire promo when she should have slowed it down a tad bit. I have no problem with Becky getting beaten down. It has to happen every once in awhile. I still think the WWE is making this way too complicated. I’m glad Becky vs Charlotte at Fastlane is now a “Becky gets added if she wins” match rather than making it for the RAW Women’s Title.

Other Notes

-I just don’t get Heavy Machinery. I don’t see their appeal and I don’t think they are any good. And them running through the jobbers in that division does nothing.

-Torrie Wilson is the new low bar when it comes to the WWE Hall of Fame.

-Lacey Evans is now called the “Sassy Southern Belle.” Why does everyone have to have some stupid nickname.

-Elias has fallen off a cliff.

-There was so much “worked shoot” crap going on today I’m convinced Vince Russo hacked into the RAW script.

-I’m seriously considering writing a “100 Things I’d Rather Do Then Watch Baron Corbin On TV” piece as my next column.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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