WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 3.5.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: United States Championship Open Challenge

R-Truth brought back the U.S. title open challenge again tonight for Smackdown Live and was answered by another annoying Lacey Evans appearance. After that though, Samoa Joe made his way to the ring. Rey Mysterio and Andrade followed and this became a fatal four way match. This possibly may have been one of the best televised matches I’ve seen in quite some time. The action was fast paced, especially between Mysterio and Andrade picking up where they left off. Even Zelina Vega and Carmella got involved in the action with Vega taking Truth out only for Carmella to go after her. In the end though, Samoa Joe was the one to get the victory and win his first major championship since leaving NXT. Definitely an awesome moment for Joe. Not sure if Joe will be as eager to defend his title any time soon like R-Truth has been, but Rey Mysterio and Andrade are locked for another battle at Fast Lane on the kickoff show.


MISS: The Women’s Division is on Life Support

Beating a dead horse here possibly, but with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair occupied with chasing Ronnie on Raw, there’s nothing left here. Asuka winning the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship has done nothing unfortunately and tonight we just seen Mandy Rose squash Naomi (even though they’ve wrestled how many times recently). Sasha Banks and Bayley may be touring with their women’s tag team titles, but it’s clear they rather appear on NXT before Smackdown Live because there’s probably better competition there.


HIT: Good Guy Kevin Owens

Owens is definitely thriving in his return as a fan favorite which is good because the WWE is in desperate need of fan favorites. The show started off with Daniel Bryan and Rowan speaking about the upcoming WWE Championship match at Fast Lane and Bryan of course saying how Owens doesn’t deserve a title shot. Owens came out and of course ripped on Bryan and Rowan and got the fans behind him and vowed to win the WWE Championship at Fast Lane. I’m still adjusting to a fan favorite Kevin Owens because he’s done such fantastic work as a heel. Owens however I feel has the ability to work both sides of the mic, just like another wrestler who used to stand side by side with KO before the Festival of Friendship incident. Throw in a Stunner and KO is everybody’s favorite wrestler.


HIT: Ali is Back With a Vengeance

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen Mustafa Ali, but tonight he made his return on Smackdown Live after Daniel Bryan and Rowan took advantage of Kevin Owens. Ali went right after Rowan and Bryan and it’s definitely exciting times to see him back on Smackdown Live. Hopefully Ali doesn’t get lost in the shuffle with Wrestlemania season on the horizon.


MISS: The Storyline of the Year is Overexposed

Everybody wanted Becky Lynch vs Ronnie at Wrestlemania, but my have things taken a strange trip since Survivor Series. Charlotte Flair of course gets thrown into the mix and how things got messy since. I don’t need to go into fine details here, but Smackdown Live tonight closed with a brief final promo between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair that added nothing to their match at Fast Lane. I felt last night on Raw with Ronnie taking out Becky was a good place to stop the build before Fast Lane. We still have several weeks to go before this match finally happens and I honestly don’t know how much longer the WWE can build this up before turning some fans off the way they’re going about it.


With that, those are my hits and misses this week. Fast Lane is Sunday and of course I will be live tweeting on twitter @ChairmanSV so make sure you follow along and thanks for reading.