JC’s Top Rope Report: A Women’s Evolution At The Expense Of The Women

*Author’s Note: This article contains potential spoilers for this week’s RAW and Smackdown Live

If you are reading this you know by now that the main event of Wrestlemania is going to be Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch. The WWE announced this on Monday so they could get the PR machine in full force going into Wrestlemania next Sunday. I always thought that would be the plan. There was no way they were going to hold off on this announcement until the week of Wrestlemania.

So I was completely fine with this idea and had no problem with it. But then Smackdown Live happened on Tuesday. And just like a Randy Orton RKO out of nowhere, Charlotte Flair defeated Asuka clean as a whistle to win the Smackdown Live Women’s Championship. No one saw this coming. All week they had been talking about who would face Asuka at Wrestlemania. Then Asuka loses to Charlotte again. I was shocked. And at the same time, I was really mad.

I had been accepting of Charlotte being in this match back in February. I knew they needed an actual heel in this match and I figured Charlotte could play this part. But then they turned Ronda full heel, making Charlotte’s role pretty much obsolete from my perspective. Over the last few weeks I thought Charlotte had become an afterthought in this program. Of course the booking of this program itself has been awful since the second week after the Royal Rumble. So here Charlotte was, pretty much being meaningless in this program. And then they give her the Smackdown Live Women’s Title.

Suddenly Charlotte doesn’t feel meaningless anymore huh? Now according to Dave Meltzer, this had been an idea brought up earlier and it was just a matter of Vince McMahon deciding when or if to pull the trigger on it. Well he finally did, and now this brings questions as to what it means for the match at Wrestlemania. The rumor making the rounds is that the rules will be as follows: If Becky pins Ronda or Charlotte, she wins the respective Title. If Ronda beats Charlotte, she becomes a duel Champ. If Charlotte beats Ronda, she becomes a duel Champ. So basically if you are Ronda or Charlotte it would be pointless to try and beat Becky. To me it just over complicates things to a point where it almost makes the match not fun to watch.

Of course, this also pretty much leaves every other woman in the WWE looking up at these three.

Let me say that I am happy that these women are main eventing the show. They deserve it. Despite how complicated the story has become, their feud has had the most crowd heat during the build up. And Becky is still the most over act in the company, though Kofi Kingston is knocking on the door. So with how over the women have gotten, you would think the other women would have more of a role leading into Wrestlemania. But that is not the case.

The WWE will brag about this big evolution happening in the WWE when it comes to the women. But while Ronda, Charlotte and Becky are being pushed, the other women are pretty much lumped into one big ball of obscurity. Those three women are put on a pedestal while all the others are looking up. And yes, that includes Sasha Banks and Bayley as well. Asuka won the Smackdown Live Women’s Title at TLC, beat Becky clean at the Rumble, then was barely around from after the Rumble to her match with Mandy Rose at Fastlane. And now she will probably be in the battle royal at Wrestlemania. Remember when she was undefeated going into Wrestlemania last year?

This can all be drawn back to how the WWE books the top of the card. Everyone at the top of the card is treated as main eventers. But if you aren’t a main eventer in the eyes of the WWE then they do not care about you. That is why it is tough for any mid-carder, male or female, to get over in the WWE when they constantly book you in 50/50 type situations.

After Wrestlemania, it is widely believed that Ronda Rousey will take an extended period of time off. So if Becky wins the RAW Title and Charlotte stays on Smackdown, will anyone be built up to their level on either show? It will be the WWE’s job to elevate these women to the top of the card. The WWE really needs to start building up these other women so the fans care. I have complained almost every week in my RAW Reviews about the treatment of the Riott Squad in the WWE. They are pretty much useless at this point. I thought Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville have improved a good amount over the last few months and deserved a Smackdown Title match at Mania.

The WWE is apparently hesitant to do another Evolution PPV without Ronda Rousey. Well, if the WWE gave a damn making any of the other women I talked about seem important, drawing a crowd wouldn’t be an issue. They also don’t need to do the show in a big arena. They can settle on having it in a 5,000-6,000 seat arena in a big market and probably sell it out. But if the WWE built up the rest of the women on TV and gave them actual feuds, they could get a good card out of it. Last year’s Evolution show was surprisingly good and they have the same talent as last year for the most part.

It is all well and good that the women are main eventing Wrestlemania. But doing it at the sacrifice of the rest of the women on the roster is not a smart move. There are talented women on this roster who are going to be thrown into a battle royal, or in that Fatal 4 Way Tag match. It will be the WWE’s responsibility to build these women back up post-Wrestlemania in hopes that they really care about these women getting a fare shake, and not just a certain select few.

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