WWE RAW 4.1.19: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Short and Sweet

The interaction between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar tonight was kept very short. But it was well done between both of them. They didn’t need some over exaggerated pull apart brawl or multiple F5s. Brock tried to act like a badass and shoulder shove Seth when leaving the ring, but Rollins low blowed him then hit a superkick and Stomp. Now you can question the low blow and it not being the act of a face. But at the same time I was fine with it for Rollins to get the upperhand. I’m not worried about Rollins possibly losing to Lesnar on Sunday. I still think Lesnar is losing and Rollins becomes the man on RAW. Rollins definitely needed to get the better of Lesnar tonight to show that he could be a threat and they did just that.

2. At Least The Overbooked Mess Ends Sunday

So Becky, Charlotte and Ronda couldn’t turn on each other during the match otherwise they were out out of the match. But all three can get arrested, destroy property, and vandalize a cop car and everything is cool? I guess the crowd was really into it so it worked in that sense. But at the same time it was another overbooked mess of an angle that wasn’t necessary. On a side note how awful were those cops? Who puts two suspects in the same car? But when the action starts at midnight on Sunday everyone will forget about this and just care about the match itself. At least that is what I’ll be doing.

3. Batista vs Triple H: A Match With Little Build

Okay so Batista coming out tonight and telling HHH to “kiss his ass” got a laugh out of me. Batista is great. But this match doesn’t seem as big as the hype that it is getting. They could have done so much more but they decided against it. And now it just seems like a thrown together match with nothing to it. Triple H didn’t even show up tonight to confront Batista at all. I actually forgot that Triple H’s career was on the line until they brought it up again tonight. I really hope this match doesn’t get a lot of time on Sunday. It should be under 15 minutes easily, otherwise it is going to be a drag.

Random Notes

-The IIconics and Nia and Tamina on the same team is tough. Who would you actually want in the ring on that team?

-Andre the Giant must be rolling over in his grave every year when he sees the participants in the battle royal.

-Those jobbers looked more like OBJ and Baker Mayfield than the SNL guys.

-Well they have me interested in Drew McIntyre vs Roman Reigns. They’ve made Drew look great in the build.

-Remember when they only used the Demon for big matches and not a throwaway Wrestlemania match with Lashley?

-Baron Corbin main evented the go home RAW before Wrestlemania. Think about that.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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