WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses 4.9.19 w/ The Chairman

HIT: And New Tag Team Champions……..

Well we didn’t get the match at Wrestlemania like we wanted, but Smackdown Live gave it to us tonight. The Usos put their tag team titles on the line against the Hardy Boyz. It would’ve been better had this match got some build to it because I really felt there could’ve been a good story here. You basically have the top brother tag team in WWE of the current era against the top brother tag team of the past. The story pretty much wrote itself. Regardless the titles changed hands tonight and Jeff and Matt Hardy are your Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions. I predicted the Usos were going to drop the titles at Wrestlemania to Ricochet and Aleister Black, that didn’t happen. However now that the Usos are relived of the tag team titles, I have a feeling they could end up on Raw going forward with the Superstar Shakeup coming next week.


MISS: And Still Tag Team Champions…..

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay put their newly won Women’s Tag Team Championship on the line. However their opponents were the Brooklyn Belles. No clue who they are? Were they the Brooklyn Brawler’s daughters? I’m fine with the Iiconics squashing random tag teams to enhance their reign because let’s face it. There isn’t exactly a long line of women tag teams to begin with in WWE. However this isn’t something you do on a post Mania show. Hopefully Paige brings a tag team to challenge the Iiconics like she promised.


HIT: Becky Lynch Finally Moves on From Ronnie and Ric’s Daughter

It appears Becky Lynch may have a new nemesis in Lacey Evans. After their confrontation on Raw, there was another confrontation tonight on Smackdown. After Becky spoke to the fans and made her way up to the stage, she was knocked to the ground by Evans. I think this feud definitely has some potential. It’ll enhance the title reign of Becky Lynch while introducing the world to Lacey Evans. Becky doesn’t need to dive into a top feud until Summerslam so let her build up some of the other women in the division over the course of the next few months.


MISS: What is a Brand Split?

I’m really hoping with the Superstar Shakeup next week we get some order on the WWE roster. I’m going to give this week a pass since we had the shows after Wrestlemania, but tonight on Smackdown Live you had Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre from Raw. show up. You also have all these former NXT superstars from the past few months with no permanent home and showing up frequently on both shows. Hopefully things are taken care of next week.


MISS: The Most Annoying in the World

I have no idea what Shane McMahon was trying to accomplish tonight by bullying ring announcer Greg Hamilton, but this isn’t a segment I want to see on the Smackdown after Wrestlemania. The show was clearly tight on time as it was with everything being rushed and we had to deal with this. Throw in the fact that Shane’s pushing his best in the world persona onto a crowd that instantly chewed it up and spit CM Punk back at him. This whole thing could’ve been easily avoided had they just left Shane completely off television this week and hopefully for the foreseeable future.


MISS:  We Don’t Know Why We’re Feuding With Kofi, Because We Are The Bar

It was bad enough somebody in creative thought it was a good idea to use The Bar of all teams to ruin a dream title vs title match between Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins on Raw. Now we have to deal with them again tonight. Big deal, they invited Drew McIntyre to join them for the night. No idea why Drew McIntyre would even agree to this? I’m still trying to figure out why a tag team is chasing Kofi Kingston and the WWE Championship? We’ve all seen enough Bar and New Day matches to last a lifetime. The only positive I could see out of this is Cesaro getting a singles run, but trust me that isn’t going to happen. All I know is this isn’t the feud I want to see Kofi Kingston involved with.


Definitely a disappointing Smackdown after Wrestlemania. Everything felt crammed in and it’s almost as if with Superstar Shakeup next week all the storylines for the future are almost idle. I personally think it’d be better if they just did the Superstar Shakeup the two shows right after Wrestlemania. I’m sure Smackdown will get back on track next week, we just had to survive the post Wrestlemania hangover. With that thanks for reading and follow my twitter @ChairmanSV for the latest.