WWE RAW 5.6.19: How Low Can The Ratings Go!

I could do my normal three key stories post. But Vince McMahon came out to start the show tonight. That is the first sign you know that Vince is in a panic. Any time Vince comes back on TV it is because ratings are down. He kept saying tonight was going to be a historic night. That’s also his way to beg you to not tune away in the third hour.

We then have Roman Reigns come out, followed by Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston. Vince then decides to enforce a Wild Card rule: Any three wrestlers from RAW can show up on Smackdown and vice versa. Vince, during this entire segment, continuously calls himself “brilliant” and “a genius.” Boy, talk about trying to reassure yourself. Vince is trying to tell himself that he’s still got it. It’s laughable. This change does absolutely nothing except make the brand split episode from a few weeks ago absolutely pointless. It is complete short sighted booking. It does nothing to fix the long term problem that the WWE is looking at. I wonder how FOX feels about their Smackdown brand guys appearing on RAW as well? I wonder how FOX feels about this entire deal with how things are going.

So Vince makes two Wrestlemania rematches in Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title. Again, short sighted and not fixing the long term problem. You know what you could have done? Have Daniel Bryan come out on Smackdown tomorrow and demand his rematch the following week. Then you can hype up a WWE Title match on Smackdown for a week.

Then of course we get the “how can they co-exist as partners match” with AJ Styles and Seth Rollins teaming up. After calling himself a genius throughout all of the opening segment, Vince then sends out the team of Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin to face Rollins and Styles. Vince, you are suppose to want to keep the ratings up. Corbin and Lashley don’t accomplish that. Of course we had the finish where AJ Styles accidentally hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Seth Rollins. Rollins set it up in the most awkward way possible. And then of course Corbin pinned Rollins. Because why the fuck not?

Sami Zayn came out and cut the same promo he does every week. They’re good, but at some point something has to happen. And on cue out comes Braun Strowman, who just chases him to the back. Braun catches Sami in the back. And then he tosses Sami into a dumpster. And then a garbage truck comes to pick up the dumpster.

And out comes Lucha House Party. Great way to start the 9 p.m. hour. They win a squash match. Happy Cinco de Mayo I guess.

Out comes Ricochet to fight Robert Roode. If Ricochet loses, he is out of the Money in the Bank match. Hey, you know what might have worked instead of doing a match like this: A FUCKING SET OF QUALIFYING MATCHES. Ricochet wins a fine ten minute match. But the crowd was dead for it. Probably because they didn’t know the stakes of the match. Either way, not a good start for the new Robert Roode.

Samoa Joe is backstage yelling at Dominic. We all just want to see Joe beat his ass. But Joe leaves the threat open ended.

Lacey Evans invites all the women from RAW in the Money in the Bank match to ringside to watch her squash a jobber. They all got invitations that smelled like peach cobbler. Did Creed Bratton send those invites? Lacey cuts a promo telling these women to not try cashing in on her after she beats Becky. Becky then comes out and attacks Lacey for a hot minute before she bails.

The Viking Raiders, at least that is what I think they’re called this week, squashed Ryder and Hawkins. The tag team Champions. They didn’t even get an entrance. So that is the second Champion to get pinned tonight on RAW. Can we at least get a little bit creative?

At this point it is clearly obvious they are tanking the second hour and loading up the third hour with Reigns/McIntyre and Kofi/Bryan. Of course they are also probably turning away a good amount of viewers at this point. If I didn’t like writing for this site so much I might be on that bandwagon too.

Oh good, the Firefly Funhouse. Mercy the Buzzer ate Ramblin the Rabbit. Bray then has a picnic with kids who have no expression on their faces. Someone better call Olivia Benson after that segment.

We’re starting the third hour with Drew McIntyre against Roman Reigns. If Roman is the draw Vince thinks he is, no one will have switched over to the Warriors/Rockets game at this point. Sometimes two decent wrestlers just don’t have good chemistry and that is the case with these two. And of course, the WWE hyped up a big match to only have it end in a DQ. That is once again some WCW level shit. And even worse it is interrupted by Shane McMahon and Elias. Miz comes out and chases Shane away, then attacks Shane before he escapes in his limo. More Shane McMahon is what we all want on these shows.

And now we get the Revival vs The Club. Oh but out come The Usos. They have Ucey Hot. The Revival are freaking out because they are burning up. This is about as awful as you could imagine. Remember that Vince McMahon is a genius.

Oh look here comes No Way Jose. Then out comes Lars Sullivan. They said 3 superstars numerous times during this show and we are now up to five. Does anyone not fact check this shit? And the crowd is once again dead silent for Lars. But Lars is a superstar in the eyes of, well, someone. Vince? Sure why not.

The next segment LITERALLY HAS VINCE backstage talking on the phone saying there can only be 3. Lars comes in and Vince then says he decided to change it to four. Vince once again calls himself a genius.

And now we have Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title. So yes, two Smackdown guys main eventing RAW in a match that was not advertised beforehand. Once again, WCW level shit here. Kofi goes way too high on a backdrop to the outside. He came dangerously close to hitting his head. This match also doesn’t have anywhere near the energy the Wrestlemania match did. Kofi retains with the Trouble in Paradise.

What this RAW shows, as I said throughout it, is that the WWE is in a panic with this Wild Card Rule. And once again, it is so short sighted that it won’t mean anything in the long run. The WWE still needs to have a long term plan going forward to fix things and I don’t think they have one. And do you really think FOX is going to be happy if their Smackdown brand guys are showing up on RAW as well.

Vince said this would be a RAW we would not forget at the start of the show. Well guess what, I’m going to completely forget about this RAW in a week. Nothing memorable happened on this show. This was Vince desperately trying to get people to stay tuned in to the show after last week’s record low ratings. The fact that Vince had to call himself a genius every time he was on screen should show you that he really has no idea what is going on.

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