NXT UK Results 5.8.19

Moustache Mountain Vs The Hunt

Kicking off tonight show is the crowd-pleasing Moustache Mountain Vs…the extremely bizarre The Hunt. Regardless of how they present themselves in the ring, they’re surprisingly good! Yes, they’re full-on, but they are also a cohesive tag team pairing. There were times throughout where you genuinely thought they could pull an upset & win, but in the end, they were no match for the agile and powerful Bate & Seven. The latter gaining the pinfall with an always impressive clothesline and dragon suplex combo.

Joe Coffey Vs Flash Morgan Webster (1st Fatal 4 Way Qualifier)

Call me a cynic, but Webster never stood a chance. Not only is Coffey homegrown talent (the episode of NXT UK came to us from Glasgow, Scotland) but also…well, have you SEEN the size difference?? Yeah, Morgan is fast, but he’s no match for the pure brute force of Coffey. He literally sang Morgan around like a rag doll (much to the delight of the crowd) and even though Webster gained a little momentum, Coffey was quick to put it, and him, to an end. The giant Scot moves one step closer to becoming number 1 contender for the NXT UK title.

Nina Samuels Vs Kasey Owens

Samuels was in total control from the get-go. She’s brutal and aggressive and knows exactly what she wants. She doesn’t mess around either. This matchup was over within minutes, adding another victory to Samuels record. She’s coming for you, Toni…

Grizzled Young Veterans Vs Kenny Williams & Noam Dar (NXT UK Tag Team Title Match)

This was originally set to be Williams & Jordan Vs the vets, but Jordan ‘mysteriously’ got jumped backstage, and injured. Just when then Vets thought they’d have a quiet night ahead of them Williams calls on the help of fellow Scottish fan favorite Noam Dar! And the match began!

It was a free for all for the start of the fight, but when composure was gained it was Dar who took a beating. The Vets concentrated on Dar’s knee, and you could tell it was causing him some pain. When Williams eventually made the tag he gained a little control (with some wonderful of the top tope maneuvers) but they just weren’t enough to keep the champs down.

There was lots of back and forth, with both Gibson & Drake being held in the middle of the ring with some double knee bar submissions, but again, they managed to break free & regain control (they aren’t the NXT UK tag team champions for any old reason) & despite some glorious attempts from Williams & Dar (both of who sacrificed each other on 2 occasions to get the win) it was The Grizzled Young Veterans who retained the titles after a glorious helter-skelter by Drake, followed by a nice and easy 1-2-3.