First Matches Announced For Saudi Arabia Super Showdown

Well the Saudi Arabia Crown Prince really likes his Attitude Era Wrestling.

The WWE announced Goldberg vs Undertaker for the Saudi Arabia show in June. They also announced Randy Orton vs Triple H and a 50 man battle royal.

I’m surprised at the announcement of Goldberg vs Taker. I thought they would go with Elias after what happened the RAW after Wrestlemania. But you can hide the red flags this match will have at the Saudi show because no one will care.

Ortob vs Triple H may be worse. I never thought these two had great chemistry and the only good match they ever had in my opinion was a Last Man Standing Match.

In the release they announced the appearance of both Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston, so expect both Titles to be defended. Brock Lesnar was also announced to appear.

The full press release can be found at or on the APP.