AEW Fyter Fest 6.29.19: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. AEW Needs To Work On Their Pre Shows

So the opening three way tag was good. But everything after that was down hill. All of the Fyre Fest jokes jumped the shark pretty quickly. Then Allie vs Leva Bates felt like it was in slow motion. And the Nakazawa vs Jebailey hardcore match really had no place on this show. I get you try to cater to your “Being the Elite” audience with this stuff but sooner or later you need to get serious with your preshows. And that is especially the case when you get on TV. It is fine to have comedy here and there, but when it dominates most of your preshow it is not good.

2. MJF Is $$$

Every time I see MJF anywhere, I continue to remain impressed with everything that he does. The guy is going to be money for AEW in the very near future. Now, I don’t know what he can get away with one AEW starts on TV. I doubt he will be able to say that “your mom swallows” on TV. But his insults on the crowd tonight were great. He’s still not all the way there in the ring. But that is the good thing with AEW. MJF will remain over with his mic work while the rest of the top guys in AEW start in the main event. By this time next year I fully expect MJF to be a main event player for AEW.

3. Darby Allin Looks Strong, But..

I have been on the Darby Allin bandwagon since I saw him Wrestlemania weekend. I was excited when I heard that he was signing with All Elite Wrestling. And his first match with Cody did not disappoint. He played the underdog role perfectly in the match. His coffin dive/trust fall onto the apron was insane, and I have no idea how he was not seriously injured on that spot. I loved that they went with a draw too. Cody doesn’t take the loss, but Allin shows that he can hang with one of the top guys in AEW.

But then they completely forgot about Allin afterwards when Shawn Spears came out and hit Cody with a chair for no reason. The focus shifted completely away from Allin. I have no real opinion on unprotected chair shots. If it fits a story there are ways you can make it work. But I’m not very high on Spears as a performer. His angle after the match took everything away from Allin’s performance.

4. Six Man Tag Brings All The Moves

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks vs Penta, Fenix and Laredo Kid was nonstop action. It was move after move after move and it was great. It was exactly what you would want that match to be. I’m not a big gamer guy so I wasn’t as excited to see Omega and the Bucks in Street Fighter gear as everyone else was. Omega got the win, which he needed after losing at Double or Nothing. Penta and Fenix need a win in their next AEW match. You cannot have them at 0-3 going into the start of TV. Omega and Penta teased a one-on-one match at the end. That might be something to do on the first TV show.

5. Jon Moxley Tries To Prove A Point

So we all knew what kind of match Moxley and Joey Janela were going to have tonight. They had the basic hardcore match would would expect between these two. There was barbed wire. There was thumbtacks. There was a big spot off a ladder. I think Moxley wanted to show that he could still have these types of matches with people. He was restricted in WWE and Moxley was known for having these types of matches in his Indy days. It was fine for what it was and they had the crowd engaged after a nonstop move fest prior to this.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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