WWE Raw Live Reactions: 7.8.2019

Hello WWE Universe, and welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw! We’re starting this week off with a Mixed Tag Elimination Match: Seth and Becky Vs. Andrade and Zelina. All four of these guys have amazing talent, so I’m expecting a lot out of this match.

I’m definitely impressed so far. The pace is great, it’s showcasing everyone perfectly, and the back and forth is keeping things fresh. The only thing that could ruin it is…yep. There’s Lacey Evans at ringside. Ugh. Becky taps Zelina with the DisarmHer and now we’re down to Seth vs. Andrade. Becky takes off after Lacey but Seth drags her away as we hit our first break of the night.

We’re back and it’s Andrade and Seth in the ring with Becky on the apron. Andrade has control of this half of the match, doing a number on Seth. Seth fights back with a couple great high spots, but Andrade knocks him off the apron and Zelina goes for a cheap shot when the ref isn’t looking. Becky goes to defend her man and gets steamrolled by Andrade for her efforts.

Seth picks up the win, giving he and Becky some serious momentum going into Sunday. Overall, this match was awesome. Great way to start off the show. And then Baron and Lacey run out and ruin it. Rude.

As we fade to another adbreak, Paul Heyman makes his way to the ring, passing by a beat up Seth and Becky.

Back from break and Lacey and Baron are gloating in the back. I will be so happy when this feud is over.

Paul’s in the ring and he’s got something to say. Can’t wait to hear it. Allegedly, Brock will be cashing in his contract this Sunday. That’s not a prediction, either. It’s a spoiler. Maybe.

Oh good, a recap of the Braun/Lashley stunt from last week.

Quiet on the set! Miz is on his way to the ring!

Ugh, seriously? ANOTHER 2 out of 3 falls match? And now it’s a six man tag? What in the hell are you trying to accomplish here, WWE?

We come back from break and Shane and Drew are now harassing a garbage man.

Meanwhile in the ring, The Revival and Elias watch as the Usos make their way out. I’m still not over the fact that Elias will apparently no longer be serenading us prematch. It’s pretty much devastating.

Match is off to a decent start, Elias and the Revival doing a good job of keeping Jimmy away from his teammates. Miz and Elias start fighting outside the ring as Jimmy gets a second wind in the ring. Elias has apparently had enough and is booking it up the ramp, as Dash Wilder picks up the first fall and we go to commercials.

We come back as the bell rings to start the second fall, and Elias is gone. Despite being down a man, The Revival is handling their business. The Usos manage to turn things around and Jey gets a crossbody, which Dash turns into a pin attempt. Dawson gets tagged in and dominates over Jey, getting a two count for his efforts. Jey tags in Miz, who hits the skull crushing finale for the second fall. We’re 1-1 now.

Right into the third fall, which the Usos make quick work of claiming. Overall this was a decent match. Raw is keeping the momentum up. Hopefully it lasts.

Goody, a #JOBSquad title recap. Drake is obnoxious with this title and his wife is a terrible actress. I’m ready for Truth to win his belt back.

When we come back from break, we’ll be hearing from a newly returned Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Now Shane and Drew are harassing the beverage guy. Hilarious. Yawn.

ReyRey time! He issues an open challenge, and…Bobby Lashley?? Um. Okay, I guess. Lashley picks up in the win in like two minutes. Now he’s tossing Rey around like a ragdoll. As much as I’m not a fan of Lashley, the man’s strength is ridiculous. He just pressed Rey and tossed him at the refs like he weighs next to nothing.

In the back, “The Club” is wandering down the hall to AJ’s dressing room when Charlie attempts to get an interview. AJ is now in “I want to talk to your manager” heel-mode, and basically tells her to shove off.

In the ring, No Way Jose is getting ready for his match with Cesaro. I assume this one will be over quickly, despite Jose’s pre-bell attack. Yep. Maybe a minute and it’s over. Cesaro picks up the win via submission.

Oh god, not the Street Profits again.

Recap of Mike and Maria’s awkward moment from last week, and then we’re in the back with them being gross and awkward.

From one awkward to the next, Bayley and Nikki are going back and forth via satellite. Neither of them are all that great at talking.

We return from break to watch Truth and Carmella searching for Drake in the most ridiculous places. Drake runs by followed by a parade of Jobbers. Carmella hops on for a piggyback ride and Truth takes off…in the wrong directions.

Back to ringside, and the Viking Raiders are on their way to the ring. They’re facing some New Jersey Jobbers tonight, which means they’ll win in like two minutes. Yep. They ragdoll the jobbers for a bit, like a cat tormenting a mouse, and then the #JOBSquad appears.

Ricochet walks down the hall to the ring…and Bray Wyatt’s creepy pig puppet is creeping behind him. Off to another break.

Charlie pops in on Roman in the locker room, asking if he knows who his partner will be tonight. He obviously has no clue.

Out comes Ricochet to face Luke Gallows, who is flanked by his buddies. Ricochet has some words about having to face all three of them tonight, which is probably true. AJ grabs a mic as has some words for Ricochet and now we’re being treated to a recap of last week.

The bells rings and Gallows is dominating this match from the get-go. AJ taunts Ricochet from the outside, getting himself some heat while his buddy does all the work. Ricochet manages to pick up a win with an out of nowhere lucky pin. AJ is displeased and suggests he take on Karl Anderson next. We’ll find out if he accepts the challenge after this break.

It would appear as if Ricochet accepted the challenge. No one is surprised. Ricochet picks up the win over Anderson and AJ takes offense to this. Now it’s three on one and this would be a fantastic time for Balor to show up and claim his place in the club. #ForeverSalty

AJ tells Ricochet to stay down and walks off with Gallows and Anderson. Ricochet is terrible at listening to directions and they come back, AJ hitting a phenomenal forearm. I think Ricochet’s going to stay down now.

Drake runs up to his wife, celebrating surviving the night. Truth, Carmella, and a ref hop out of the crates she was sitting on, and they’re off running. Bayley is amused by this as they barrel by her.

There’s a custodian limping down the hall with a lop bucket, and I assume Shane and Drew are going to make him Roman’s tag partner. Find out after the break.

Yep, they’ve roped him in with the promise of $5,000. Great.

Bayley to the ring, followed by Sarah Logan. I forgot she even existed because WWE hasn’t used her since the shake up. The name of the game is to have the fastest match time. Whoever is faster in their respective match, Bayley or Nikki, will pick the stipulation for Alexa vs. Bayley on Sunday.

This match is going far longer than I expected it to. We’re at 4:32 when Bayley finally gets the win. Gives Nikki a decent cushion to win her match. She wastes no time tearing her way to the ring for her match against Dana Brooke. We’ll see them after the break.

Back to the match and Dana is doing a great job of running down the clock by hanging out outside the ring with Bayley. Nikki manages to snag the W with a little over a minute left, which means she gets to pick the stipulation. She calls Bayley into the ring so she can say something to her face. She says Bayley doesn’t know what real friendship is, and she’s going to show her on Sunday when they meet in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Nikki is terrible on the mic. I know it’s because of her accent/language barrier, but man. It’s painful to listen to.

Also? Totally calling a Sasha Banks comeback on Sunday.

We’ll be sitting down to an interview between Corey Graves and Seth and Becky after the break.

Maria and Mike in the back again, being even more gross and awkward. I’m already over these two.

I love Seth and Becky, and I love their real life relationship, but this storyline is just so awkward. It’s like they’re trying way too hard to come off cute and lovey. I do appreciate them making Seth the super mushy/lovey/doe-eyed one while Becks is all straight to business, though.

Street Profits again. Someone stop them.

Main event after the break.

Roman is heading to certain doom in the ring. I can’t wait to see his partner, Jerry the Janitor. I’m going to assume that his partner is actually going to be a legit wrestler in a mask, but we’ll see. Shane and Drew make their entrance, and it looks like we’re going to be graced with another installment of “Shane and Drew Waste an Hour”.

The match will start after the (hopefully) last break of the night.

The bell rings and Roman is making quick work of putting Drew on his back. Drew comes back around and the ref claims Roman’s tag partner made a tag. Drew tosses him into the ring and now Shane is showboating. I feel like it’s Lio Rush under that mask. Shane gets the pin and books it with Drew, who is raging.

Roman unmasks his partner and holy crap it’s Cedric Alexander.

I have to hand it to WWE, this was a really good go-home show for Extreme Rules. Hopefully tomorrow night holds up as well. Catch ya next week, everyone!