Justin C’s Alternate WWE Universe: Week of 7.8.19 w/King of the Ring Results

Don’t get confused everyone. Remember, I brought back the King of the Ring Tournament to replace Extreme Rules. And the winner gets a shot at their brand’s Champion at SummerSlam.

Here was the tournament after last week:

Now on to RAW!

What Happened Last Week:

The King of the Ring RAW Results are up top.

Alexa Bliss turned face after looking for revenge on Lacey Evans.

Mojo vs Rey is main eventing tonight in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

The Usos vs The Revival next week (7.15.19) inside Hell In A Cell.

WWE RAW 7.8.19

8:00-8:20: Ricochet vs Robert Roode. Ricochet picks up the win to advance to the King of the Ring Quarterfinals.

*commercial break*

8:25-8:45: Backstage, Cesaro comes up to Roode and tells him to keep his head up. And he has a proposition for him as they walk off camera and talk.

Backstage The Club is talking to AJ. Club tells AJ he’s still got it. And a losing streak happens to the best. AJ tells the Club at least he’s been on TV lately, and they should take advantage of their opportunity tonight against the War Raiders.

Natalya and Naomi vs Lacey Evans and Sarah Logan. Evans tries walking out on the match but sees Alexa Bliss at the top of the ramp. Alexa chases Lacey through the crowd. Naomi and Natty pick up the win over Sarah Logan.

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8:50-8:55: Lacey is seen running into her car. Alexa smashes the back window with a pipe before she drives away.

Becky Lynch is interviewed backstage. She’s asked who her next challenger will be. In comes Mickie James. Mickie says everyone’s favorite MILF is back, and she’s coming for Becky’s Title. (Remember in my Universe I don’t factor in real life injuries. Because, well, it is an alternate universe!)

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9:00-9:15: Cesaro vs Lashley. Cesaro picks up the win with Roode in his corner. Roode never interferes. Lashley stares at him going back into the ring. The distraction allows Cesaro to recover and hit the Neutralizer.

*commercial break*

9:20-9:35: Bray Wyatt vs Cedric Alexander. Cedric gets some hope spots in but Bray gets the win after a semi squash match.

We get a recap of the Mojo/Rey Mysterio feud, then shots of both men getting ready backstage.

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9:40-9:55: War Raiders vs The Club in a non-Title match. War Raiders pick up the win.

Usos/Revival hype package to build their Hell In A Cell match next week. We will here from both teams later.

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10:00-10:15: Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn face to face. Rollins makes the point that this Sunday, Zayn’s mouth is finally going to catch up to him. Zayn may have put together a string of quality wins, but he is nowhere at the level of Seth Rollins. Zayn says he is out to prove that he never needed any of these people behind him. Everyone wanted him gone. But he stayed and he will be the people’s Universal Champion. And everyone will have to bow down to him. Rollins holds up the Title as Zayn walks away.

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10:20-10:35: Samoa Joe defeats Baron Corbin to move on to the King of the Ring Quarterfinals.

Back to back promos from the Revival and the Usos. We see them training and talking about their Hell In A Cell match next week.

*commercial break*

10:40-End: Rey Mysterio vs Mojo Rawley in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. They fight all around the building. Rey goes to run off the announce table but Mojo catches him. Mojo then powerbombs Rey off the stage through some tables and pins him for the win.

Last Week on Smackdown Live

You can see the King of the Ring results above.

We saw Sonya Deville call out Mandy and Charlotte. At the end of the show she fought them both. Carmella and Bayley came out for the save, but Carmella turned on Bayley and a new trio was formed.

Smackdown Live 7.9.19

8:00-8:20: Finn Balor vs Andrade. Andrade picks up the win with a roll up to move on to the KOTR Quarterfinals.

*commercial break*

8:25-8:40: Ali vs Nakamura with Ali picking up the win to move on to the KOTR Quarterfinals.

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8:45-8:55: Asuka and Kairi Sane accept Naomi and Natalya’s challenge for this Sunday.

Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston split screen interview going over their history and hyping their match this Sunday.

*commercial break*

9:00-9:10: Blondtourage promo. Yeah, that’s what I am calling the trio of Charlotte, Mandy Rose and Carmella. Carmella says she realized it was Bayley holding her back. Bayley always tried to get one step ahead of Carmella all the way back to their time in NXT. Mandy brags about filing a restraining order against Sonya Deville after last week.

Out comes Bayley with Ember Moon. They challenge the Blondtourage to a fight at King of the Ring. They laugh, saying they realize there is only two of them right? Bayley says they have a third man. And out comes Becky Lynch as they run off the Blondtourage from the ring.

*commercial break*

9:15-9:35: Kevin Owens vs Aleister Black, with Black picking up the win to move on in the KOTR Tournament.

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9:40-End: Roman Reigns vs Buddy Murphy. Murphy gets a strong showing here, but in the end Roman picks up the win to move on.

King of the Ring PPV

PreShow: Asuka and Kairi Sane defeat Natalya and Naomi to retain the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Main Show:

King of the Ring Quarterfinals

Ali defeats Cesaro

Roman Reigns defeats Bray Wyatt after Miz knocks Bray out with a steel chair with the ref down

Andrade defeats Ricochet with help from Zelina Vega

Kevin Owens defeats Aleister Black

Hype video from the Hell In A Cell Match tomorrow night on RAW

Six Woman Tag: The Blondtourage defeats Becky Lynch, Bayley and Ember Moon after Carmella pins Ember Moon. After the match, Sonya goes after Mandy again and is promptly arrested. Mandy taunts her up the aisle way as Sonya is restrained by police.

Recap of the Mojo/Rey match from RAW and a medical update on Rey, saying he is recovering from a bruised sternum and broken ribs.

King of the Ring Semifinals

Andrade defeats Roman Reigns with more help from Zelina Vega.

Ali defeats Kevin Owens

Backstage, I inform Zelina that she is banned from ringside for the KOTR Finals.

WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston defeats Daniel Bryan to retain the Title

King of the Ring Finals: Andrade defeats Ali clean. Andrade gets to fight Kofi at SummerSlam.

Universal Championship: Seth Rollins defeats Sami Zayn to retain the Universal Title

I hope everyone likes that I brought back the King of the Ring tournament. I’m assuming most people would prefer it over the Extreme Rules crap.

Until Next Time,

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