WWE Extreme Rules 2019: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Undertaker Win A Weird Blip In The Shane McMahon Story

This was the best use of The Undertaker in awhile. Put him in a tag team match where he doesn’t have to carry the load. And there was some great camera work at the end with Drew showing up behind Taker. But I can’t help but shake this feeling that Taker’s win is bad for the Shane McMahon story. The first person to beat Shane should have felt bigger. Instead, the Undertaker just came back and beat him. And now he will move on and probably not be around any time soon. I think the next person to beat Shane should be the person to vanquish Shane for good. Taker beating Shane kind of ruins the next regular win over Shane.

2. Braun vs Lashley Delivers

We were all getting bored with the Lashley/Strowman program. But it seemed like it had the Paul Heyman touch added to it over the last few weeks. And tonight’s match was no different. It felt like an old school big man brawl. And even in defeat, Lashley came out of the match looking good as well. Braun still has trouble moving around and that could be a problem going forward. But tonight was a good start to a possible rehabilitation of Braun Strowman down the line. The match also reinforced my belief that the Last Man Standing Match is the best gimmick match in the WWE. The only thing that ruins it is the extremely long ref counts.

3. Samoa Joe, the Ultimate Bridesmaid

I’ve officially reached the point where I don’t think Samoa Joe will ever be a WWE or Universal Champion. He lost clean to Kofi Kingston tonight. Joe continues to always be the bridesmaid but never the bride. Joe is a very good worker but he never gets the Title in the end. And my guess is that won’t change any time soon. Joe probably doesn’t have the look that Vince McMahon wants as a Champion despite his great promo work and wrestling. If Joe is fine with that spot then all the power to him. But if he isn’t, I do wonder when his contract is up.

4. Becky Lynch Needs Some Heat Back

The one thing that bothered me about the main event, outside the ending (more in a bit), is that they made Becky Lynch out to be the damsel in distress at the end of the match. Becky taking the End of Days from Corbin was fine. But she needed to get some heat back at the end of the match. She should have come in and delivered some shots to Corbin. Or even helped out when it came to the cash in. But instead she just laid there on the outside looking weak. Something would have been better than nothing. Hopefully they rectify that on RAW tomorrow.

5. Damn It

I want to fight every since fan that was chanting for Brock Lesnar. The only good thing about Lesnar cashing in is that we don’t have to worry about when it will happen again. Of course, we also now have to worry about Brock not showing up with the Title for a long time. I want to trust Paul Heyman when he takes over tomorrow night. But I have my doubts. Lesnar cannot be gone long term with the Title at this point. Poor Seth got stuck with Corbin for months and now he gets to go back at Brock. Hopefully it is only short term and Seth wins the Title back at SummerSlam. But this was a sour ending to a pretty good show.

Random Thoughts

-Shinsuke Nakamura won the Intercontinental Title from Finn Balor in a match announced hours earlier for the preshow that was given ten minutes.

-Drew Gulak won in his hometown, I guess Vince doesn’t care about 205 Live.

-I’d like more of Aliester Black vs Cesaro please.

-How about a real, good swerve and have Alexa Bliss actually turn face and team with Nikki Cross?

-Big E and Xaiver Woods winning was a bit surprising. They don’t really need them.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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