NJPW G1 Climax 29 B Block Review 8.4.19

Toru Yano vs Tomohiro Ishii

Yano starts taking the turnbuckle pads off early and Ishii tries to stop him. But Yano rolls up Ishii twice with his shirt over his head and gets two. Yano then goes outside and sets up a chair and tries to get Ishii to come outside. Ishii gives him the most dead serious stare from inside the ring and Yano eventually runs back into the ring at 19. After a bit more comedy Ishii finally takes control. Yano starts fighting back and actually knocks Ishii down with some forearms, to the surprise of the crowd. Ishii charges at Yano in the corner but Yano moves and Ishii goes right into the turnbuckle and Yano gets a roll up for two. Yano hits a lariat and a belly-to-belly. He goes for a powerbomb but Ishii escapes and knocks Yano down with a headbutt. Yano goes for a low blow but Ishii stops him. Ishii goes for the sliding lariat but Yano counters for two. Ishii ends up hitting the sliding lariat and then the brainbuster for the win.

WINNER: Tomohiro Ishii- Fun match with Yano wrestling an actual wrestling match after realizing Ishii won’t falls for any of his tricks.

Taichi vs Juice Robinson

Kenemaru attacks Juice before he even gets into the ring. This gives Taichi the upper hand early on. And Taichi with this much control is just plain boring to watch. There’s a bit of an exchange of offense between them until Juice hits a side kick then the cannon ball in the corner. Taichi escapes Pulp Friction and hits an enziguri. He goes for a powerbomb but Juice escapes. Kenamru tries to get involved a few times but Juice eventually takes him out on the outside. Taichi ends up spitting water in Juice’s face then hits Black Mephisto for the win.

WINNER: Taichi- Too much Taichi offense. Not sure of the booking here. Juice has seemed off the last couple matches too.

Jeff Cobb vs Hirooki Goto

After an exchange of offense on the outside they go back tot he ring. Goto hits a nice spinning kick in the corner. Cobb hits a lariat but Goto bounces right back up with one of his own, and then so does Cobb. Cobb ends up hitting a jumping forearm in the corner and his standing moonsault. They go to the top where they have an exchange of forearms. Cobb ends up hitting a superplex off the top. Goto starts fighting back with kicks to the chest and hits a GTR for two. Cobb blocks a kick but Goto is still able to hit Yushi-Giroshi for two. Goto finishes it off with another GTR for the win.

WINNER: Hirooki Goto- Okay match. Crowd didn’t seem to into either man, though Goto now has 8 points and is slowly creeping up on the leaderboard.

Jay White vs Jon Moxley

Moxley gets in the ring and goes right at White. He lays the boots to him in the corner then throws him into the railing on the outside. Great strategy by Moxley, who doesn’t let White dictate the match like his other matches. Moxley gets a table but Gedo runs up the ramp with it. Doesn’t stop Moxley from continuously laying down a beating inside the ring. White is able to drop Moxley on the top rope and get the upper hand. White rams Moxley into the railing a couple times on the outside. Moxley recovers inside the ring and dropkicks White. Moxley hits a dive to the outside and they go into the crowd. Moxley then applies a Figure Four on the posts. After a Cloverleaf from Moxley, White backs into the corner. He puts Red Shoes in front of him. Moxley moves him and then White suplexes Moxley into the corner. They exchange some slaps and Moxley release suplexes White.

Moxley goes for the Regal Knee but White falls down. Gedo comes in. White goes for the Blade Runner but Moxley counters into Death Rider for two. White pulls Red Shoes into him to stop another Death Rider. Gedo goes for a punch but Moxley blocks it. White hits a low blow and Gedo a punch with brass knucks for two. White goes for Blade Runner but Moxley counters and hits the running Regal Knee. Gedo jumps on the apron and stops Death Rider again. White hits a couple Dragon suplexes. Moxley flips off White as White picks him up and hits a Kiwi Krusher and then Blade Runner for the win.

WINNER: Jay White- Another loss where Moxley is heavily protected with all of the Gedo shenanigans. White continues to rub his win streak in Rocky Romero’s face after each win, which convinces me that Rocky is going to cause him to lose his last match.

Shingo Takagi vs Tetsuya Naito

After a slow hesitant start, both men have a flurry of near misses on offense in a fast paced minute. Naito goes for the LIJ fist bump but Shingo knocks it away. Naito tosses Shingo to the outside and does the tranquilo pose. Shingo throws a chair at him from the outside. They exchange forearms. Naito rakes Shigno’s eyes then spits in his face. Shingo lands some hard shots then tosses Naito into the railing twice on the outside. Shingo ends up hitting a DDT on the outside. Shingo starts over powering Naito on the inside. Shingo misses a corner charge and Naito is able to hit a hurricarrana and his signature corner dropkick. Shingo escapes the tornado DDT and hits a death valley driver for two. Shingo drops Naito on the ropes and hits a King Kong elbow for two. Naito ducks a sliding lariat and hits a neckbreaker. Shingo pulls Naito off the top and hits Noshi Gami for two.

Naito hits Shingo with a spinning heel kick and Gloria for two. Shingo counters a Destino attempt with a powerbomb. Shingo then German suplexes Naito into the corner. Shingo hits two hard lariats in the corner. Shingo takes Naito to the top. Naito fights back with some forearms. He goes for a hurricarrana but Shingo stops it. He goes for a powerbomb but Naito still counters it into a hurricarrrana. Naito hits a reverse-ranna but Shingo comes back with a Pumping Bomber. Shingo hits a few more hard lariats. Both men hit suplexes. Shingo finally hits Made in Japan for two. Shingo hits a Pumping Bomber for two. Shingo lifts Naito up but Naito hits Destino. They exchange forearms and headbutts again. Naito hits a brainbuster. Shingo escapes Destino and hits a lariat. Naito hits a Mexican Destroyer then Destino for two. Naito then hits another Destino for the win.

WINNER: Tetsuya Naito- Outstanding match. Shingo came out of it looking great. It took three Destinos for Naito to win. I still think Shingo should end the tournament with a couple of wins. Almost everyone remains alive in B Block.

B Block Standings

10 points: Jon Moxley

8 points: Tomohiro Ishii, Hirooki Goto, Jay White, Tetsuya Naito

6 points: Juice Robinson, Jeff Cobb, Toru Yano, Taichi

4 points: Shingo Takagi

Justin C’s Top Five Matches

  1. Okada vs Sanada
  2. Okada vs Will Ospreay
  3. Jon Moxley vs Tomohiro Ishii
  4. Tetsuya Naito vs Shingo Takagi
  5. Zack Sabre Jr vs Sanada

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