WWE RAW Thoughts 8.5.19 w/Justin C

Samoa Joe opening the show was good. He’s such a great promo, but they book him to lose every match. His words would carry a little bit more weight with people if he won some meaningful matches.

-I have no idea what the booking was suppose to be in the Charlotte/Becky vs Trish/Natalya match. Trish never entered the ring. Natty and Charlotte worked the majority of the match together. Natty was suppose to be the babyface in peril but the crowd only cared about Becky. Natty not letting go of the Sharpshooter to cause a DQ is a tease for a Wrestlemania 13 like finish this Sunday. Trish not being in the ring is a bit worrisome to me. Need to work off the ring rust somehow.

-Andrade vs Rey Mysterio needs to be built to mask vs hair. These two could wrestle forever. Maybe save it for the first Smackdown on FOX. But I think Rey is a RAW guy? I don’t remember anymore.

-Mike Kannelis pinned Maria at her OBGYN, then R-Truth pinned him in the lobby. Meanwhile, the other people in the waiting room sit there like this is the normal practice at OBGYNs.

-Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out for a promo. Rollins came limping out like some of the drunk people I saw at the Breaking Benjamin concert last night. And Lesnar just demolishes him. So they want us to think Rollins has no chance on Sunday? Was that the point of all that? I don’t really care for this type of booking.

We come back from comemrcial and Seth is cutting this super serious sad promo. He says sometimes he wonders if this is all worth it. Seth says yes, this is all he’s got, and he is going to beat Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Becky is probably in the back like WTF?

-War Raiders won a squash match. How about we actually have these guys challenge for the Tag Titles?

-So Drew McIntyre attacks Cedric Alexander as Alexander walks to the ring. Oh yeah, Kurt Angle is the special referee. And why is he here? Because Bray Wyatt came out and gave him the Mandible Claw.

-Gallows and Anderson vs Big E and Xaiver goes about 30 seconds before AJ Styles gets involved. Ricochet makes the save and we have a six man tag folks! Action is fine, with Gallows and Anderson pinning Xaiver to get the win. He always takes the fall in these matches so no surprise there.

-Samoa Joe is back. He’s shutting down RAW until Roman Reigns shows up. Joe decides to go to the back and meet Reigns in the parking lot. As Reigns is getting out of the car, another car slams into his and tries to hit him. Reigns jumped back into the car though. But there were like 4 different cameras used that just happened to be in the parking lot. They show during commercial Samoa Joe asking for a medic, then Triple H checking on Reigns. Don’t really like Joe going all concerned like that. But maybe it is just me.

-Oh hey, a randomly thrown together women’s fatal four way match for the Tag Titles. The IIconics are surprisingly eliminated first. I’m actually fine with that. I’ve been over them as Champs for quite some time. Asuka gets Mandy to tap to the Asuka Lock. Asuka gets worked over back from break. The crowd for some reason is chanting CM Punk. I don’t know why because this match has been decent. Pittsburgh really is a shit wrestling city. Asuka gets pulled into the ring skirt and Alexa takes out Kairi and hits Twisted Bliss for the win. Are we at LOLAlexaWins yet?

MizTV with Dolph Ziggler and HBK. Dolph says he’s the most important thing in wrestling since HBK lost his smile. Dolph signs the contract and Miz says he can’t wait to fight him next Monday, because Dolph ain’t fighting him at SummerSlam. HBK says it isn’t him either, and out comes Goldberg. Goldberg signs the contract and says Dolph is next, then Dolph turns into a Superkick as he walks up the ramp.

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Justin C

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